Eagles already showing their hand

By designating free agent TE L.J. Smith as their Franchise Player, I think the Eagles are already showing their hand for 2008.

Many expected Smith to be gone, and perhaps he should be gone, but if they let him go they were bound to be downgraded at the position. By locking him down for at least one more year, it’s clear now the Eagles are going to make another run with their core group. That means, barring a trade offer that completely knocks their socks off, QB Donovan McNabb should be back in the saddle as the starter this year. Heck, if the team can bring in another useful receiver, this offense should be in great shape, and it should produce a few excellent fantasy options.

I wasn’t worried enough, in retrospect, about McNabb’s knee this past year, but I was worried about the potential loss of Smith. He’s just above average in the grand scheme of things, but I worried about the team not having a threat, and a vertical threat, in the middle of the field. Smith was a shell of his former self all year, and the Eagle offense was missing a key element.

Now, with Smith back, with McNabb definitely healthier, and with possibly another playmaker added at receiver, this offense could be poised for a quick rebound.

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  1. tpwaller says:

    The Eagles run is coming to an end. McNabb was disappointing. Will he be any better next year? Drafting LJ Smith is wasting a draft. He’s never produced anything for me.

  2. jbeau says:

    TP….LJ is definitely a waste of a pick. I hate TEs in fantasy period. If I didn’t have a keeper league, I would just eliminate the TE period, and include it as a possible flex position along with RB, and WR. There are maybe 4 TEs that consistently produce each week. Don’t even want to hear about these guys. I am just happy I got Winslow in my keeper. Now he wants to renegotiate his contract!! Better not be this year’s Larry Johnson. Bad Karma.

  3. tpwaller says:

    Jbeau, I’d be happy with Kellen Winslow at my keeper. He should be a stud for years and he’s finally playing to his potential.

  4. John Hansen says:

    The point of the post is that the Eagles appear to be gearing up for another run with their core group, Smith included, based on their inclination to bring LJ back. It was assumed by some that they would start rebuilding in 2008.

    Smith’s no gemstone, but as stated in the post, Philly would be hard-pressed to acquire an upgrade in the off-season, so with McNabb healthier and presumably another weapon in the fold in the off-season, this offense should be primed to come up with another solid season of production.

  5. jbeau says:

    Defintiely understood the purpose of the post, I gues we both got stuck picking LJ one time or another and were venting about it. haha. Its early, but I am picking GMen and Eagles to fight it out for tops in NFC East.

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