2008 Free Agency Primer

This coming year doesn’t look like a great Free Agent class, but things could get interesting with a few key restricted guys, such as QB Derek Anderson, and we could see a pair of quality wideouts switching teams. And then, of course, we’ll likely see some surprise players emerge later this year as free agents.

For now, here’s my top-10 Unrestricted Free Agents for 2008, with a complete list of the UFAs and RFAs this year.

  1. Randy Moss – The Patriots are fortunate in that they’re the Patriots; players like Moss are willing to play for them at a discount. That said I’m sure the Patriots will find a way to lock Moss up for another 2-3 years. 
  2. Michael Turner – He’s the #1 guy who will likely change teams. I like him, and I have long before everyone else started hyping him, but I’ve come to a realization this year that he’s probably not as good as he’s looked coming off the bench these last few years. I think he has good power and some speed to the corner, but I’m not sure he’s elusive and quick enough to be a top-end starter. Still, if he’s the lead back for a team like the Browns or Texans, I think he’s pretty much can’t-miss in terms of putting up solid numbers. Those two situations would be ideal, but neither team may be interested in him. And unfortunately for Turner, there aren’t a lot of teams who’ll be in the market for his services.
  3. Jamal Lewis – He obviously showed a ton this year, and as important the Brown o-line was way better than expected, as was their play at QB. If Lewis is willing to return for 2-3 more years at a reasonable price, he’ll likely be back. One factor that could prevent him from moving on is the same one Turner will face: there just aren’t many jobs open at the position in 2008.
  4. Bernard Berrian – I like Berrian a lot, but I will concede he’d be better off as a #2 NFL receiver. That said, if he lands that role in a good situation, he could be dynamite. He wasn’t perfect this past season, but I think he proved to be more that just an explosive vertical threat. I still contend he’s a poor man’s version of Chad Johnson. Perhaps the Eagles will be interested in his services, which could move Kevin Curtis or Reggie Brown to the #3 spot. But there are a high number of teams that could be very interested in signing him (see the list below).
  5. D.J. Hackett – I also like Hackett a lot, even though he’s not perfect in terms of his route-running and most importantly his ability to stay healthy. He’d be a good fit for almost any team that needed a wideout, but he’d be best off if he sticks in Seattle. He, too, would be a nice fit in Philly, but there are a number of teams that could be interested in him, such as New Orleans, Buffalo, Miami, NY Jets, Baltimore, Tennessee, Kansas City, Oakland, Washington, Minnesota, Carolina, Tampa Bay, and San Francisco.
  6. Julius Jones – He showed so much promise as a rookie, but for whatever reason, he’s basically run into a brick wall since. He does run into the pile too much, and I wonder maybe if he’s simply not strong enough to break tackles and move the pile well enough. A change of scenary should help, but at this point we can’t expect him to emerge anywhere as a productive lead back. There won’t be too many opportunities for him, either.  
  7. Justin Fargas – I believe the Raiders feel Fargas is a better fit for their system than LaMont Jordan and Dominic Rhodes, so unless the team drafts stud rookie Darren McFadden, we could see Oakland resigning Fargas and rolling with him and Michael Bush as their top-two backs. Fargas showed a lot in 2007, but he’s got some limitations, and he’s clearly still an injury risk.
  8. Derrick Ward – I’ve been really impressed with rookie Ahmad Bradshaw, but before that I was almost as impressed with Ward. With Bradshaw locked in here, Ward could leave for another opportunity. He probably won’t get chance to start right out of the gate, but he could be asked to be an active member of a committee, and he could excel if asked to carry the load due to an injury.
  9. L.J. Smith – There’s a better than 50-50 chance he’s gone, although the Eagles apparently haven’t closed the door on the disappointing Smith. Assuming he goes, he could land in Buffalo, which would be a pretty good opportunity. No other team is jumping out as a good fit for him.
  10. Bryant Johnson – This is my FA deep sleeper as of right now. Certainly, Johnson isn’t going to command big money or shock the world, but I think he could be an effective #2 in the right situation, such as playing alongside Steve Smith in Carolina. Johnson’s a decent vertical threat, and a pretty good red zone guy. All of the teams listed above (see Hackett) could be interested in Johnson.

Here’s a complete list of this year’s pending Unrestricted Free Agents, as well as a list of restricted players. When we do our annual Free Agency Preview in February, we’ll look at all the key players in depth, and we’ll also add the players who could eventually become Free Agents this year due to being released, etc.2008 Unrestricted Free Agents

Team Player Pos Yrs
ARI Dansby, Karlos LB 3
ARI Johnson, Bryant WR 4
ARI Pace, Calvin LB 3
ATL Andersen, Morten K 24
ATL Redman, Chris QB 4
ATL Williams, Demorrio LB 3
BAL Smith, Musa RB 4
BAL Suggs, Terrell LB 4
BUF Aiken, Sam WR 4
BUF Gaines, Michael TE 3
CAR Carter, Drew WR 3
CAR Colbert, Keary WR 3
CAR Mangum, Kris TE 9
CAR Rucker, Mike DE 8
CAR Testaverde, Vinny QB 20
CHI Berrian, Bernard WR 3
CHI Briggs, Lance LB 4
CHI Grossman, Rex QB 4
CIN Chatman, Antonio WR 4
CIN Johnson, Landon LB 3
CIN Jones, Dhani LB 7
CIN Robinson, Bryan DE 10
CIN Smith, Justin DE 6
CIN Stepanovich, Alex C 3
CIN Williams, Madieu DB 3
CLE Adams, Keith LB 6
CLE Baxter, Gary DB 6
CLE Carter, Tim WR 5
CLE Lewis, Jamal RB 7
CLE McKinney, Seth G 5
CLE Washington, Ted NT 16
DAL Adams, Flozell T 9
DAL Hamlin, Ken DB 4
DAL Reeves, Jacques DB 3
DEN Elam, Jason K 14
DEN Ferguson, Nick DB 7
DEN Sapp, Cecil RB 3
DET Bailey, Boss LB 4
DET Bashir, Idrees DB 5
DET Cason, Aveion RB 5
DET Duckett, T.J. RB 5
DET Lehman, Teddy LB 3
DET O’Sullivan, J.T. QB 4
DET Owens, John TE 4
DET Stokes, Barry T 9
DET Walters, Troy WR 7
GB Walter, Tyson C 5
GB White, Tracy LB 4
GB Williams, Corey DT 3
HOU Clark, Danny LB 7
HOU Davis, Andre WR 5
HOU Dayne, Ron RB 7
HOU Demps, Will DB 5
HOU Kalu, Ndukwe DE 10
HOU Simmons, Jason DB 9
HOU Weary, Fred G 5
HOU Wynn, Dexter DB 3
IND Boiman, Rocky LB 5
IND Glenn, Tarik T 10
IND Lilja, Ryan G 3
IND Moorehead, Aaron WR 4
IND Scott, Jake G 3
JAC Cousin, Terry DB 10
JAC Glenn, Aaron DB 13
JAC Gray, Quinn QB 3
JAC Jackson, Grady NT 10
JAC Knight, Sammy DB 10
JAC McCray, Bobby DE 3
JAC Toefield, LaBrandon RB 4
JAC Wilford, Ernest WR 3
KC Allen, Jared DE 3
KC Parker, Samie WR 3
KC Turley, Kyle T 8
KC Wilson, Kris RB 3
KC Woods, Jerome DB 10
MIA Chatman, Jesse RB 4
MIA Lemon, Cleo QB 3
MIA Schulters, Lance DB 9
MIA Tillman, Travares DB 6
MIN Doss, Mike DB 4
MIN Ferguson, Robert WR 6
MIN Moore, Mewelde RB 3
MIN Richardson, Tony RB 12
MIN Scott, Darrion DE 3
MIN Thomas, Dontarrious LB 3
MIN Williams, Tank DB 5
NE Brown, Troy WR 14
NE Bruschi, Tedy LB 11
NE Gaffney, Jabar WR 5
NE Gay, Randall DB 3
NE Moss, Randy WR 9
NE Samuel, Asante DB 4
NE Seau, Junior LB 17
NE Wilson, Eugene DB 4
NO Copper, Terrance WR 3
NO Henderson, Devery WR 3
NO Johnson, Eric TE 6
NO Martin, Jamie QB 10
NO Miller, Billy TE 7
NO Nesbit, Jamar G 8
NO Patten, David WR 10
NO Simoneau, Mark LB 7
NO Stecker, Aaron RB 7
NO Thomas, Fred DB 11
NO Young, Brian DT 7
NYG Mitchell, Kawika LB 4
NYG Torbor, Reggie LB 3
NYG Tynes, Lawrence K 3
NYG Ward, Derrick RB 3
NYG Wilson, Gibril DB 3
NYJ Hobson, Victor LB 4
OAK Culpepper, Daunte QB 8
OAK Fargas, Justin RB 4
OAK McCown, Josh QB 5
OAK Newberry, Jeremy C 9
PHI Smith, L.J. TE 4
PIT Faneca, Alan G 9
PIT Haggans, Clark LB 7
PIT Hartings, Jeff C 11
PIT Starks, Max T 3
SD Florence, Drayton DB 4
SD Turner, Michael RB 3
SEA Brown, Josh K 4
SEA Darby, Chuck DT 6
SEA Hackett, D.J. WR 3
SEA Locklear, Sean T 3
SEA Pollard, Marcus TE 12
SEA Womack, Floyd T 6
SEA Wyms, Ellis DT 6
SF Allen, Larry G 13
SF Gilmore, Bryan WR 6
SF Hicks, Maurice RB 3
SF Hill, Shaun QB 5
SF Smiley, Justin G 3
SF Young, Bryant DE 13
STL Brown, Milford G 5
STL Chillar, Brandon LB 3
STL Goldberg, Adam G 3
STL Gorin, Brandon T 5
STL McCollum, Andy C 13
STL Minor, Travis RB 6
STL Romberg, Brett C 3
STL Smith, Raonall LB 5
STL Steussie, Todd T 13
TB Alstott, Mike RB 11
TB Bennett, Michael RB 6
TB Stevens, Jerramy TE 5
TEN Brown, Chris RB 4
TEN Gage, Justin WR 4
TEN Haynesworth, Albert DT 5
TEN LaBoy, Travis DE 3
TEN Moulds, Eric WR 11
TEN Odom, Antwan DE 3
TEN Starks, Randy DT 3
TEN Troupe, Ben TE 3
WAS Caldwell, Reche WR 5
WAS Collins, Todd QB 12
WAS Godfrey, Randall LB 11
WAS Macklin, David DB 7
WAS McCardell, Keenan WR 14
WAS Prioleau, Pierson DB 8
2008 Restricted Free Agents
Team Player Pos Yrs
ARI Blackstock, Darryl LB 2
AR Brown, Elton G 2
AR Green, Eric DB 2
ATL Boley, Michael LB 2
ATL Davis, Chauncey DE 2
CHI Davis, Rashied WR 2
CIN Fitzpatrick, Ryan QB 2
CIN Perry, Tab WR 2
CLE Anderson, Derek QB 2
CLE Holly, Daven DB 2
DAL Thompson, Tyson RB 2
DEN Foxworth, Domonique DB 2
DET Orlovsky, Dan QB 2
GB Morency, Vernand RB 2
HOU Mathis, Jerome WR 2
IND Hagler, Tyjuan LB 2
IND Utecht, Ben TE 2
JAC Sensabaugh, Gerald DB 2
KC Svitek, Will T 2
MIA Gado, Sam RB 2
NYG Butler, James DB 2
PHI Hanson, Joselio DB 2
PIT Washington, Nate WR 2
SEA Pearman, Alvin RB 2
SEA Weaver, Leonard RB 2
STL Atogwe, Oshiomogho DB 2
STL Carter, Jerome DB 2
STL Johnson, Trevor DE 2
TEN Bironas, Rob K 2
TEN Hill, Reynaldo DB 2
TEN Scaife, Bo TE 2

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    Thanks, I needed that.

    Seems like a weak class to me, at least at the offensive skill positions.

  2. […] John Hansen wrote a fantastic post today on “2008 Free Agency Primer”Here’s ONLY a quick extractRandy Moss ” The Patriots are fortunate in that theyre the Patriots; players like Moss are willing to play for them at a discount. That said Im sure the Patriots will find a way to lock Moss up for another 2-3 years. … […]

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    I’d like to see Corey Williams stay in Green Bay, and I wouldn’t mind it if Bo Scaife gets decked out in green and gold as well. (Fat chance).

    If this is a weak class for free agency, any bets on how many talking heads will spend the summer criticizing teams under the salary cap for not spending their money on these boys?

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