Going to see a great Band tonight, of Horses

You would think, since this week is basically the first week since at least early July that we haven’t had a ton of stuff going on with the site, that I would be relaxing with nothing going on. That is hardly the case, however. In some ways, this time of the year is more hectic and stressful than the season. At least during the season I have serious deadlines and really don’t have the time to do anything else but the site work. This time of the year, I’m a little overwhelmed with all the things I need to get done, and all the things I could get done or explore now that I have some time. We’re gearing up for the baseball stuff we’ll be doing, and I’m focusing on a lot of developmental stuff. For example, we’re beginning to explore a total site redesign this year. First the main homepage, and then the subscriber homepage. I want it to be slicker, cooler, more interactive, etc. This is also the time of the year when we explore what new technical tools we can add for the upcoming season (this time last year, we spent 4 months developing our new back end, which netted fantastic results in 2007).  

I’ve got a million other things that have been neglected to get to, plus we’re busy working on a few pieces of content, namely our massive keeper overviews (QBs to be posted Wednesday), my Lessons Learned article, and some early free agent stuff.

So contrary to what some of my friends think, I’m not exactly taking time off now that the regular season is over.

However, tonight, I’m finally going do something very cool. Tonight, for the first time and I believe well over two years and on a school night of all nights, my wife and I are going out for a while and somewhere a little further away from our house. We have four kids, two of them being twins who will be turning 2 next month, so we’re not exactly able to do much for ourselves.

But tonight, we’re headed to Philly to first enjoy a great dinner in the city, and then to the TLA on South Street (very intimate) to see my favorite new band of 2007: Band of Horses. I still don’t like the name, but these guys are really good, and I’m really looking forward to seeing them. I’m just not into seeing a band live that isn’t really relevant now. The Police played in Atlantic City this past fall, 10 minutes from my house, and I couldn’t conjure up the will to check them out – and I was a huge fan in High School. There’s something about seeing a newer band that is happening now, supporting a new record that could go down as a classic that appeals to me. In the last 12 months, for example, I’ve seen The Shins and Spoon live, and both shows blew me away, probably more so if, say, Def Leopard played in my basement. It’s kind of like, in 1997, I just had to see the Foo Fighters at the Electric Factory in Philly supporing their sophomore record even though my wife was about to have our second child any day. I wound up in the front row, and that second album is and will always be the band’s best. It was worth the risk, and I could have made it to the hospital in 50 minutes anyway, with beeper and cell phone standing by.

If you’re into this kind of music – a mellower, indie, alternative, pop feel – then definitely check these guys out. Keep in mind, I’m 39 and my wife is 37, and we may be the oldest people there, so while they appeal to ‘older’ people like us, they’re mainly a band that appeals to the post-college 20s crowd.
I’ve checked their recent set lists, and expect them to play at least 8 of my 10 favorite songs from their two records. If you want to give them a listen on itunes or whatever you use, they are:

  1. Ode to LRC
  2. Is there a Ghost
  3. The Funeral
  4. Islands on the Coast
  5. Wicked Gil
  6. Weed Party
  7. The First Song
  8. The Great Salt Lake
  9. Cigarettes, Wedding Bands
  10. No One’s Gonna Love you

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