Week 12 Views From the Couch


by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger 

Here are my 2-3 quick hit thoughts from each of the weekends games, as I watched from the sofa: 

Green Bay/Detroit:  

  • How does Roy Williams come up so small playing in a Mike Martz offense? He is a guy that should be ‘money’ two of every three weeks. 

  • Calvin Johnson looks like a typical rookie WR with a great skill-set. I agree with the consensus that he will be a superstar, but it will likely be in his third year, though he’ll be a solid #2 next year. 

  • I don’t think Ryan Grant is any better than DeShaun Wynn, but Wynn while Wynn was busy getting hurt, Grant was pouncing on the opportunity of running through the huge holes of a pass-happy offense. 

Dallas/NY Jets: 

  • In 2006, Jerricho Cotchery had two or three freak plays that resulted in long TDs. Those padded his overall numbers and value going into drafts this year. He looks like just a guy, maybe a lower end #2 on his better days. 

  • Julius Jones is doing just enough to keep Marion Barber from being a difference-maker for fantasy teams. 

  • The fourth quarter Romo-to-Owens TD may have saved a lot of people’s fantasy games- especially if they owned the hookup. Both had very ordinary days before that play. 


  • Until he plays a full season as a feature back, I will not trust Joseph Addai to be on any of my fantasy teams. From where I sit, he doesn’t seem to have the nasty competitive edge about him that I like to see. 

  • Warrick Dunn is still a very viable flex guy or low-end #2 RB. If you can get him for playoff depth, you could do worse. 

  • Roddy White looks like the real deal- especially if he somehow gets an NFL QB to throw him the ball. You will definitely want him on your radar for next season. 

Seattle/St. Louis: 

  • What a lost season for the Rams and for fantasy players that put too much stock in them. The OL has really been decimated by injury. 

  • Torry Holt has officially become a matchup guy for the rest of this season. 

  • Deion Branch sighting! He looks ready for a late-season surge- and it looks like Hackett might be out awhile. 

Minnesota/NY Giants: 

  • I sat the Vikings defense and played the Giants defense today. In theory, it looked good, in reality, OUCH! Looking at the remaining schedule, the Vikings are a great play the rest of the way. 

  • How will Eli Manning keep a job as an NFL starter next year and beyond? He’s fortunate the Giants have no other viable option right now. 

  • If Sidney Rice is somehow available in your keeper/dynasty league and you have space to stash a player for a year or two, he is definitely a playmaker. Once he gets an NFL QB, he could be very special. 


  • Fred Taylor and Maurice Jones-Drew continue to make each other risky weekly plays and likely no more than good flex options. 

  • David Garrard is a player. When he gets a full camp as the #1 guy, he will be a great #2 fantasy QB with low-end #1 potential. He may yet make Reggie Williams draftable! 

  • Buffalo is a mess on offense. If you have Lee Evans, see if you can trade him for something that can help your team down the stretch- even a good defense. 

New Orleans/Carolina: 

  • In case you aren’t aware of it already- Reggie Bush looks like he will do his best work with limited reps. In other words, he will need another back to split the load with him, so the coach can line him up all over the field. 

  • What a lost season for Steve Smith. If there was any chance that Vinny Testaverde could stay healthy for five weeks, Smith could have had a chance the rest of the way. 

  • I finally figured out why Marques Colston has had a decent second half. They are completely force-feeding him the ball. Once they have a better option in the passing game, he looks like he will be a very low-end #2 WR. For this year, however, he is looking like a high-end #2. He really reminds me of Brandon Lloyd. 

Tampa Bay/Washington: 

  • The ravaged Redskin OL has been the main reason that Clinton Portis is not having the year he is capable of. He is just not getting any seams to run through. If is getting contact early in his runs. 

  • Jason Campbell will be a very good QB for the keeper/dynasty teams. This is his first full year and he is still learning how to read NFL defenses. Also, when the line gets better, he will be in a better spot. 

  • Imagine how bummed out Joey Galloway must be when he sees Bruce Gradkowski behind center! 


  • Andre Johnson laid an egg against a poor pass defense. Maybe he is still knocking off rust from seven weeks off. 

  • Braylon Edwards doesn’t look as explosive as he did a month ago. 

  • I’m not sure how Matt Schaub will be next year, but I think he’s better suited as a fantasy #2 than a #1. 


  • Chad Johnson might be starting a crazy run like he had last year. See if you can deal for him if you think he’s getting hot. 

  • It looks like Rudi Johnson’s days as a feature back are just about over. Although he had a pretty good game, they will have other options next year. 

  • Vince Young is so far from being a good NFL QB, that he reminds me of Michael Vick a number of years ago. 

Oakland/Kansas City: 

  • It looks like Justin Fargas may be defying all the experts and he might just be a useful NFL RB. 

  • Daunte Culpepper went from playmaker to game manager since the injury. If he could control the INTs, he would have been looked at by other teams next year. That said, his career as a fantasy QB have been long over. 

  • Kolby Smith took advantage of the great opportunity he had. 

San Francisco/Arizona: 

  • Frank Gore had a great game- maybe he can still be a fantasy #1 next year. The next weeks will be pivotal. That said, he still gets hurt an awful lot, but he sure is tough. 

  • Larry Fitzgerald is really getting a ton of targets- Anquan Boldin must really be hurt, because he usually gets most of Kurt Warner’s attention. 

  • Kurt Warner had a chance for a special game of he could have mounted a long drive instead of giving up the game-winning TD. He could have had 550 yards and 3 TDs. 

San Diego/Baltimore: 

  • To this day, nobody runs on the Ravens! 

  • Antonio Gates looks primed for a huge second half, but will Norv let him! 

  • LaDainian Tomlinson just cannot have the huge games in the tough spots these days! 


  • Meet Andre Hall- if the injuries shake out right, we’re looking at the new Olandis Gary or Mike Anderson. 

  • If Javon Walker ever gets healthy, the Broncos will have a nice 1-2 punch at WR with Walker and Brandon Marshall. 

  • The Bear offense is a fantasy wasteland! 

New England/Philadelphia: 

  • AJ Feeley was useful as a sub in the past- he’s definitely worth a flier if you really need a QB. 

  • That said, I think Philly put way too much into this game and I would expect a very disappointing game versus Seattle in week 13. 

  • Laurence Maroney will (like Joseph Addai) need a full season of health and production to earn my trust in a draft. 


  • It looks like Miami could be without Ricky Williams and Jesse Chatman next week against the Jets if their injuries are serious. 

  • Marty Booker may not be the worst option in the world as a #3 or #4 WR in a PPR league the rest of the way. 

  • Hines Ward played very well in those crazy field conditions. Put that knowledge in the back pocket when the December games roll around.

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  1. CFPGator says:

    John, I’m shocked about your Addai comment. Who else do you trust if you can’t trust Addai? This has been the year of RB betrayal. Contrast that with your comments on Gore…

    In the pre-season you said something like, “Addai may not catch your eye or be flashy”, but by the end of the year you’ll see him at the top of the list.

  2. jbeau says:

    john didn’t write this blog. I like Addai, happy as hell I drafted him.

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