The Smurfs are in hiding!

by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger

For a few years now, I have held to my theory that I would rather have a ‘big’ NFL WR on my fantasy team than a ‘smurf.’ For those too young to know what a ‘smurf’ is, it’s basically a player that is much smaller than his peers. My main argument for preferring big WRs was that they could create their own space and could make things happen, even if the QB was not so good around him. I really ate my words two years ago, when a team in my dynast league won the title on the strength of three ‘smurfs.’ He had Steve Smith, Lee Evans, & Santana Moss. They all had terrific years and that particular owner totally ‘let me have it,’ after he won the title. Yes, I ate my crow, but I still believed that I would be proven right over the course of time.

I think this year has really proved the theory out. Steve Smith is really having a poor year, and I believe that, due to his size, if he doesn’t have the right situation on offense, he can be, for the most part, taken out of the equation. The same has really happened to Lee Evans & Santana Moss. They are both dependent upon bombs to make their game work, but neither of them has shown sustained success with their current situations.

The bigger WRs are able to run any type of route and can usually take what the defense gives them, and that versatility is what separates them from the smurfs. I have used this logic in drafting over the years, and although I have been burned by it a couple of times, I feel that I have done very well by sticking with my plan. I’m not saying to draft a player like Plaxico Burress over Steve Smith in a normal year, but I’d always take a big player with similar projections over a smurf.

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  1. jbeau says:

    I gotta agree with this in the most part, except for Steve Smith. He was even decent when Vinny was healthy throwing to him. He goes up a gets balls pretty high for his height, and is strong as an ox. Carr is the worst QB I have seen in a while, plus there is no one that poses a threat on that team, so they can triple Smith if they need too. Look at Welker with the Pats, hes a midget but leads the team in receptions…imagine Smith and Brady together. But I will never draft players like Moss or Evans anymore. Evans more than anything depends on the long ball, and Moss plays disappearing acts 2 out of every 3 games.

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