Sunday on the Sofa

by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger

I thought that a good weekly Tuesday blog idea would be to share 2-3 random thoughts on each of the games as I watch them all from my sofa on Sunday.

  • The Cowboys have 2 nationally televised games in the next 2 weeks, my gut says that Tony Romo & Terrell Owens will keep the torrid pace going.
  • Jason Campbell is developing nicely in his first full year- he’s worth a flier in keeper leagues.
  • Nick Folk is losing value as Dallas is scoring TDs so regularly.

St. Louis/ San Francisco:

  • Frank Gore may have had his career in the very beginning of his career. The offensive weapons were not any worse last year, when he was a stud.
  • The Ram offense was a tease in the last couple of weeks. Without an O-line, don’t expect many good games from their players.
  • It’s way too early to pass judgment, but I wonder if Vernon Davis will be the next Ricky Dudley?


  • I vow to never draft a RB once he turns 30. I’m very glad that I didn’t draft Shaun Alexander this year.
  • Matt Hasselbeck may help some teams win fantasy tiles this year. He certainly has enough weapons.
  • If the Bears somehow cut Cedric Benson, I bet he’d be a stud with the Patriots. His attitude wouldn’t fly in that locker room.

Pittsburgh/New York Jets:

  • Willie Parker, even though his yardage numbers have been decent this year, will likely be a RB2 for the rest of his career. It looks like teams figured him out.
  • I think Darren McFadden (RB for Arkansas University) would be a great first round pick for the Jets next year. He could make their offense very strong.
  • Santonio Holmes turned an ankle. He seems to be getting nicked up quite a bit this year. Maybe it’s because this is the most he’s ever played as a full-timer.

New Orleans/Houston:

  • Reggie Bush looks like a great 3rd down back, but I can’t see him being a feature back at this level. In a PPR league, he is still a lower-end RB1.

·         Andre Johnson has now played three games and in each, it looked like he was running totally free for a TD. He gets Cleveland in week 12, and it could happen again.
·         Matt Schaub sure looked like he outplayed Drew Brees.

Carolina/Green Bay:

  • No Steve Smith today, but there’s been no Smith for most of the season. I guess that’s why I’ve always preferred to draft big WRs- it seems that the little guys (Santana Moss & Lee Evans, too) need too much else going on around them.
  • I’d hate to have to pick which Packer WR is going to have a big game on a given week. One would have better odds at a casino!
  • Brett Favre is playing better at fantasy than Peyton Manning. I can hardly understand how that happens.


  • Chad Johnson was considered a lock to have a big season and he has been a huge disappointment.
  • TJH is already 30 years old. I think he has about a two-year window of high production left. I think hall-of-fame type guys can keep the level high into their mid-thirties, but TJH is definitely not that.
  • The Cardinals have a pretty soft remaining schedule starting today. They should be very good for the fantasy playoffs.

Kansas City/Indianapolis:

  • I thought Joseph Addai would take this game over, but he didn’t. He looks like he will shine when the passing game is clicking on all cylinders, but will be hit or miss otherwise. I bet the Patriots would play Addai very differently if there is a rematch.
  • Priest Holmes actually ran very well, despite his YPC, but Kolby Smith took most of the carries down the stretch.
  • Does anyone really believe that Marvin Harrison had a bruised knee? If he does, that would make him even softer than I thought he was. That said, would he have been a hall-of-famer with any other QB not named Manning or Brady?

San Diego/Jacksonville:

  • If David Garrard gets some real weapons, he might be a very good keeper league prospect.
  • How can Antonio Gates and LaDainian Tomlinson be so poorly used? They should be carrying that team to victories. Firing Norv Turner tomorrow would not make many people sad.
  • Phil Rivers is slightly more useful than Ryan Leaf.


  • Minnesota really needs a QB next year or Adrian Peterson may see 9-man front next year.
  • Ronald Curry is a stud. If JaMarcus Russell ends up being any good, Curry will be a top-15 WR.
  • If Michael Bush is sitting in the free agent pool in your keeper league, take a flier on him. The Raiders will really need a good RB next year.


  • How does a blitz-happy Jim Johnson defense not get a sack or turnover against a QB playing in his first game- A QB that has no threats at RB or WR? Stunning!
  • Ted Ginn Jr. can certainly return kicks well. He will have an NFL job for a long time.
  • If you’re in a PPR league, Brian Westbrook’s game was a bit of a disappointment. I wonder how much the Patriots will take him out of the game?

New York Giants/Detroit:

  • When Mike Martz had no real RB the first six weeks, their offense was great, but once Kevin Jones came back, their entire offense has gone south, which I find interesting.
  • The Giants may be the third-best team in the NFC, but they are not in the same class as Dallas or Green Bay.
  • I think Jason Hanson is going to have one of those crazy Thanksgiving Day games and score double digit points.


  • Although he’s been effective in the NFL sense, Derek Anderson is coming back to earth a bit.
  • For a team that struggles on offense, Willis McGahee has had a pretty good season so far. You could do worse than to acquire him for a playoff run.
  • The Raven WRs should not be on your roster- even Derrick Mason.

Tampa Bay/Atlanta:

  • How does Joey Galloway keep doing what he does? He blows away my theory about older WRs. I wonder if he played for better teams, if he would have been a hall-of-famer?
  • I never thought I would say that Joey Harrington is a better option than anyone. I just said it today.
  • Even though he’s not doing much today, if you need bench depth for the playoffs, Warrick Dunn is not a ridiculous option.

New England/Buffalo:

  • If you’re in a keeper league and out of playoff contention, consider trading Tom Brady. His value will never be higher than it is now.
  • That said, hold onto Randy Moss in the same keeper league situation. He can do this a few more years- easily!
  • Wes Welker is the 2004 Brandon Stokley.
  • Oh, the Bills were part of this game!

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