The Hall-of-Fame Flavor of the Day and Nicknames!

by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger  Well, I’ll give him his due, Adrian Peterson (RB, Min) picked the absolute right time to have the monster, record-setting game that he did- playing against the reigning fantasy football king, LaDainian Tomlinson (RB, SD.) Before I move forward with this article, I have to share a bit of a rant- I still, to this day, am incredulous that the football world (so easily) allowed Tomlinson to go by the nickname of LT on a large scale. Sure, anyone can have any nickname they want, and it’s fine if Tomlinson calls himself that, and it’s just as fine if his teammates do so, but the nickname has belonged to someone else in the football world for a long time. Lawrence Taylor will always be LT in the football world, and unless Tomlinson does something special, like break the all-time rushing record, TD record, or single season rushing record, he will never do enough to ‘steal’ Taylor’s nickname. Taylor is in the hall-of-fame and is one of the greatest football players ever. I cannot imagine if someone decided that they would be called ‘Sweetness’ or the ‘Minister of Defense.’ All that said, I’ll get on with my article and refer to Tomlinson as LT2, which is really all that he is in the football world!  After Adrian Peterson (AD- which is cool by me, as if it matters!) had his monstrous game, I was amazed at how many people have already anointed him as the new ‘king of fantasy football.’ I cannot say with any certainty that he will or will not be, and I would be foolish to think that what he has accomplished in eight weeks of football does not look very promising, but let’s hold our collective breath. Isn’t this the player that had a hard time finishing his college seasons due to injuries? Doesn’t he look like a RB that runs with a bit of reckless abandon? 

Unless he sustains a major injury this season, the fantasy world will react by making him a consensus top-3 pick, and most likely, the number one overall selection. I cannot say that Peterson will not be worthy of that spot or that he will not produce like that. Peterson is being compared (by many) to Eric Dickerson, and that type of comparing is totally on board in this era of media saturation and overreaction to anything newsworthy. I, for one, am still patiently waiting to see how the next eight games go for Peterson. He has not even finished more than the equivalent of a college season, and it will be interesting to see if the increased workload takes a toll on him. I would also like to see how he responds if he gets a little ‘nicked’ up as well.  For now, if you have him on your team, enjoy the ride. I hope he wins your fantasy league for you, because you made a terrific pick by drafting him and you also made one of the greatest value picks of all time- even if you chose him in the second round, though most of you likely waited until round five or six. That said, if you have LT2, expect him to do some damage, especially if Norv Turner can start pretending that he’s not the head coach, but an offensive coordinator. A final note on Norv- his head coaching is very offensive. 

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  1. NYBrewCrew says:

    He’s out 3 weeks atleast with an injury. though break.

  2. jbeau says:

    How timely is this article. “All Day” will be sitting on the sidelines for a while. I totally agree with you on the LT argument. I remember when they started calling him that consistently, I was a little offended. Taylor, changed the position of linebacker. Tomilson hasn’t revolutionized the RB position.

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