State of the Franchise Address

by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger

The most difficult decisions to make are ones that go against your preseason plan. We don’t ever want to admit that we’re wrong. It’s much easier to make excuses and blame a poor season on injuries and bad luck. This is the time to treat your team like a business. Trade away those players that are holding your squad back. Let other owners take the gambles that you cannot afford. If you have Javon Walker (WR, Den,) and you’re falling out of the playoff race, trade him to someone that will be desperate for playoff help, because you may need the help to get into the playoffs and Walker will not help you do that!

Tomorrow will be the half-way point for many fantasy football leagues, but regardless, just about every league is at least near this pivotal time of the year. This article is nothing more than a blank canvas for you to throw paint all over!

You are the CEO of your franchise, and this is as good a time as any to make sure the blinders are off and assess where the season is going.

As you look over your roster, check for a number of things, such as: quality of starters at each position, quality of your depth, how much can your team withstand in terms of injuries.

As you look at the bigger picture of your franchise, you need to put on a different lens and look for some of these: Are you at the top and hoping to pull away or hang on for dear life? Are you in the middle of the pack and have no idea what to expect? Are you at the bottom and already chomping at the bit for next year?

After making your assessment of your franchise, you need to put together a plan that will help you reach ‘big picture’ goals. Include things such as: Do you need to sell off depth to add a starter? Do you need to shore up your bench? Have you been hanging onto a bench player too long and is it time to cut bait? Do you need to trade players off for future draft picks (depending on your league rules.)

This is an exercise that an owner should probably do every week, but many of us have lives, so we have to pick our battles, and a mid-season plan is a pretty good one to choose.

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