How do you watch football on Sundays?

by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger 

Do you enjoy watching football on Sunday or are you stressed out like a gambler chasing money? That may not be the million-dollar question, but it’s one that’s worth thinking about. 

I’ve been playing fantasy football for fourteen years and I have definitely changed how I watched football over the years. When I started out, I didn’t have a satellite dish, so I got two or three games every Sunday afternoon, and often the choices in games were miserable. I live in Chicago and Bears games were pretty boring and in addition, very few fantasy gems were Bear players. 

I didn’t even have the Internet in my home yet (that came into play for me a couple years later.) For updates, I waited for halftime, but if the doubleheader game was on the same channel as the early game, they went to a newsbreak at halftime (I’d like to meet the genius that cooked that one up)! All the networks gave you at the half were the main highlights, like TDs and game-winning FGs- there weren’t any type of stats given, so one had to read into the highlights to see if it was a good day for the fantasy team. 

Things have definitely changed since- 

The Sunday Ticket is like Christmas (for a Christian) every Sunday, and honestly, it is never taken for granted, at least until it rains or snows heavily and disrupts the satellite service. Once disruption occurs, it still is like a holiday, but the part of the holiday that the family has had too much to drink and the fighting starts- not a pretty sight for anyone. 

The Superfan package is also amazing- up to 8 games at a time, and if you have a big screen TV, it is an absolute treat. Superfan also offers a webcast of a game as well, so you can watch the 8 games, but keep a feature game on a computer, especially if it’s in the same room as the TV, and if the family doesn’t need to check their e-mail! NFL Shortcuts enhance the experience, as you can use it to scout a game, particular team or player. Having every game in 30 minutes is part of living the dream! 

Real-time scoring is also a treat for those owners that want to micromanage their teams by seeing each time they (or their opponent) gain a point or score a TD. Some people prefer to just go to the live box score of a single-game of particular interest. 

But, back to my initial question- how do you watch football on Sundays? 

I no longer watch the real-time scoring, nor do I check the players my opponent has started in my leagues. I might do so during the second half of the Sunday night game or on Monday. Sometimes, I hold out and wait to check my final scores on Tuesday morning- (back to the Christmas thing) when I get to see if I got a nice present or some ‘coal and broken glass.’ 

I do watch the eight games at once, as stated earlier, but I am trying to enjoy football, not how my ‘guys’ are doing all the time. For sure, I do know what my key guys are doing, but I’m not stressing about it, especially since I do not pay attention to my opponent’s lineup. What does it matter anyway, since I’ll have the same emotion on Tuesday? My point is simply this: The NFL season comes and goes in a blur and then there is a long layoff until it returns the next year. Are you missing out on the fun of the actual storylines of the games? Is every Sunday making your stomach one big ball of stress? Think about your Sundays and make sure you are enjoying them the way you would like to- there are only eleven more until the playoffs! 

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  2. jbeau says:

    Yeah man. I agree, and have tried not to micromanage my teams but its hard. I at least try to watch the ticket in the living room where my computer is not. You forgot to mention the Red Zone package. An absolute must, especially for die hard micromanaging fantasy players.

  3. CCarter says:

    John got close to the right answer at the end of this column. But the Single best way to watch football on Sundays, is Go To A Game! Nothing replaces Being At The Game! We’ve all got internet on our phones so we can check all the needed scores and stats. But to be able to see the play develop as it happens… The hotdogs and beer… The crazed fans… Greatness! Win or Lose. That’s why we love this game! Experience the game, not just the fantasy of the game!

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