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Last week I covered my interview with Chris Cooley, and I have another one this week. I don’t know why we didn’t start doing this before, but I think we’re going to reach out to some emerging players and interview one a week if possible on the Sirius NFL Radio Show on Friday Night from 8-11pm. I’ll in turn pass along any interesting tidbit here. This week, we got a hold of Falcon WR Roddy White. Unfortunately, I don’t have a transcript of this one, so I have to go only by memory, and we had to keep it short, since he was at a relative’s High School football game and it was tough to talk to him.

But here are some general thoughts on White:

First of all, he’s obviously a great kid. Very nice guy, and he was very friendly.

  • I asked him how he liked the new offense under Bobby Petrino, and he was obviously very pleased with it and his production and play. He feels things will only get better for him in this system.
  • I gave him my assessment of the offense, saying it appeared he was clearly their top threat on the outside, and the guy that they will look to get the ball to consistently in the hopes that he can make plays after the catch. I mentioned how it looked like Michael Jenkins was the possession and red zone guy, and he agreed with all that. He couldn’t stress his run-after-the-catch stuff more.
  • I asked him about his drops and how he’s been able to overcome them and he simply said his struggles were simply a function of his lack of opportunity and activity. As he said, if he got only three balls thrown to him, and he dropped one, that were magnified, and he was probably pressing a little given the scarcity of the passes thrown to him. But now, since he has carved a large role in the offense, it’s not an issue. I wanted to suggest that, perhaps, the fact that he doesn’t have Mike Vick throwing him the ball anymore was also a reason, but you really can’t “go there” or places like that when conducting an interview – at least you can’t when you’re a lowly fantasy guy like me.
  • I went over my projections for him for the week (5/78), and he of course thought I should give him more, again expressing his run-after-the catch. He certainly did flash that on his 38-yard run on Monday night, but he fell short of those projections (he had 4/64) mainly because their protection was just too bad. Had Joey Harrington had even adequate protection, White would likely have caught 2-3 more balls for 20-30 more yards.

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