My example of the worst-case scenario

by Jim Coventry       

When the Guru talks about preparing for the worst-case scenario, be sure to live by those words. Acquire all the quality depth that you can, because you may need it to win a championship or as trade bait to improve your team.

My favorite league is a dynasty with nine good friends. Many of the guys have made fun of me, because every year I seem to have some ‘nobody’ step in and win a big game for my team. I swear that one of the owners was scarred for life when my whole backfield went down and I started Mike Cloud, who promptly went off for 3 TDs and a healthy chunk of yardage, helping my team to a close win.

Well, it happened again last week. I usually start Javon Walker, (WR, Den) & Anquan Boldin (WR, Ari.) That would make for a bad week, but that’s nothing yet. My #1 RB is Brian Westbrook (RB, Phi,) & my #2 is Clinton Portis (RB, Was.) This set of events (the first three players deactivated and Portis on a bye) puts me down 4 stud starters. On top of that, my #3 RB ‘was’ Cadillac Williams (RB, TB,) who promptly blew out a tire in the first quarter of his game. Why stop there! I name starters and roll with them, so at QB, I named Jon Kitna (QB, Det) as my starter, and I had Tony Romo (QB, Dal) on my bench (by the way, I have now benched Kitna for Romo for the rest of the season.) This sounds like a reasonable disaster, right?

Enter the depth chart (sounds like ‘Enter the Dragon’ without the great kung fu.) Santonio Holmes (WR, Pit) gets a start at WR and promptly goes over 100 yds with 2 TDs. Not enough to win a game, however, until I roll out Sammy Morris (RB, NE) and his 110+ yds and TD. Well, needless to say, my bench won a big early-season game for me (hey, every game is big when only four teams make the playoffs,) and that is because I prepared for the worst-case scenario.  Make those waiver-wire pickups and stock the back of your roster. You will need it-  maybe this week, maybe in week 15, maybe next year, but you will neet it. Don’t get too happy with your roster, as it may not be the same looking beast that it is today.

I hope you’re clicking off this message right now, to check your roster and looking for at least one way to improve your team!

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  2. bjchapin says:

    john, can you give us some talk about how the denver situation is going to shake itself out in light of travis hitting the weed again?

  3. John Hansen says:

    I do have an update, and I will get that out asap.

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