How to keep up with the day-to-day nature of the NFL

by Jim Coventry

Things don’t really change in the NFL as the years roll by. John Hansen made a great point when he recently wrote that he spends all that time on preseason stuff and once week one begins, it’s relevance changes immediately. When we look at the past year, it is a nice reference point for many things, but not a whole lot more.

We’ve already had starting players lose their jobs outright, had other players play into and out of timeshares, others have had significant role increases, and of course, many others have not played to our expectations. Add the daily injury mix to these factors and you realize that to be great at fantasy, even keeping up with a website that provides you with news and insights is a full-time job. So, how do you get the edge?

I have a secret weapon that most other fantasy football players do not have at their disposal, which I will gladly share with you: I learned how to be a speed reader. It was actually quite simple- I went to the Barnes and Noble Bookstore and spent $5.99 on the Evelyn Wood program on how to increase your reading speed in 14 days. It was in a book format (which I had to read at my formerly slow speed,) but I know that you can find computer programs and video courses that will do the same. It is really an easy practice to learn. I am a high school English teacher by trade and I have had to trudge through endless books, well over 200 semester hours of collegiate courses, and more sports articles than I can ever claim to remember.

Take my advice on this. If you have too much to read and no time to do it, try to learn to speed read. Not only will you read two-to-three times faster, but you will remember most of what you read and since you are interested in keeping up with the world of fantasy sports, you should be able to become an expert in your own right.

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  1. oscar98 says:

    Hmm… I didn’t like that $5.95 book. It felt mostly like an advertisement for a (much more expensive) $150+ program.

    “Breakthrough Rapid Reading” was a better book, I think.

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