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Small tidbit on my boy Owen Daniels for the Houston Texans. On Friday night, we have Texan LB Shawn Barber on the Sirius Radio show. Barber’s a big fantasy guy, so it was interesting to hear his thoughts on the Texans. He of course had good things to say about their skill players, but he was especially complimentary of Daniels, who he refered to as “OD.” According to Barber, the guys on the team *love* him, and that’s what you want to hear. The kid’s tough, and he’s caught everything thrown his way. He’s clearly the #2 option in this passing game, so by the end of the season, he’ll be a top-10 fantasy guy.

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  1. cpmooney15 says:

    Hey John..

    So if A. Johnson is indeed out this week at Indy, do you play Daniels as a #3 WR/TE or go for Jacoby Jones, assuming Indy’s D will key on Daniels? Who do you think makes the better play.

  2. bsteinbe73 says:

    Thanks for hyping Cooley this year btw. I need 12 measly yards and suspect he’s not going to get it.

  3. bsteinbe73 says:

    Sweet I outjynx’d myself :)

  4. John Hansen says:

    bsteinbe73, Sorry, but I tend to gravitate to good players.

  5. John Hansen says:

    Daniels will definitely be more involved, no question, so he could be viable in a PPR league. Jones, we’ll have to see, they have not ruled out using Davis and Mathis as well.

  6. CFPGator says:

    John, any comments on Scaife? Still holding out hope? I’d love to get a better option, but all the available guys in my league may be one hit wonders: Spaeth, Pope, Lee, et al…. Thanks!

  7. bsteinbe73 says:

    Cooley strikes me with the vibes of just being another guy so far this year. You think he’s a good buy low or hold then? He has had several drops, not a huge number of targets, an inaccurate QB, and a chance to end up staying in to block too frequently. I’m sure he’ll have his moments but I was expecting more consistency.

    Also I should note that I’m in 9 money leagues (5 drafted this year) and I have 3 losses total so I’m certainly not unhappy with your product and advice. We’ll see how it holds it’s a long season however the RB-WR-WR approach has obviously been huge early. One thing to mention with your draft plan is that in most of my drafts when the TE run happened it seemed to start with Tony G (or similar) and include the entire next two tiers almost without a gap to include Witten and Owen Daniels. In that format I waited and kept taking value and have Watson and Scaife.

    In another Gates actually dropped to the 4th and I may not lose a game all season. The more I think about the TE position the draft plan should be get Gates mid to late 3rd and absolutely in the 4th. Otherwise unless you get late enough to not have a pressing need just wait. We’ll see if a legit TE2 emerges perhaps it’s Winslow. OD has the upside but so do many others we’ll see if he can receive enough consistent targets.

  8. timmy1b says:

    John – I have Cooley in 2 leagues per your advice and I will stick with a quality good value player only 2 weeks in why panick..funny how 1 guy (bsteinbe) gives you grief about cooley and goes on to mention his great teams lol. I am sure you ignore these types. I am 0-2 in my 2 10 team leagues but S. Jackson, MaGahee, Fitz, Owens and J.Walker in 1 and Addai, Peterson (minn), Benson and Chad Johsnon and S. Smith (Carolina) in the other plus Kitna as my QB’s I am hardly out of the season. Anyways point is, Bsteinbe..proud of your teams, give John a break.

  9. bsteinbe73 says:

    Thought that’s what I said in my post *shrug*. Cooley – I personally feel mixed vibes that he’ll live up to his predictions and thanks for the draft plan pushing WR’s.

  10. ebapen says:

    young QB’s throw to TE alot.

    Cooley will be top 5 TE by end of season.
    Plus Cooley has the talent.(I am a redskins fan)

    Without John saying anything about Cooley, I know he will be a dominant TE. Give him , and Campbell time, and you won’t be disappointed.

  11. NYBrewCrew says:

    The Guru has been quite for a while.

  12. NYBrewCrew says:

    The Guru has been quiet for awhile. =0(

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