Fantasy Dream

I wanted to get this down and time stamped before the Sunday games, just in case. Crazy, I know, but what the hell.

I had a dream last night about the Saint offense, and I have some projections on four players based on my dream. Let’s see if they are close come Sunday:

Drew Brees – Threw for over 300 yards (I think it was 330) with 3 TDs
Deuce – Disppointed me a little, with only like 75 yards.
Colston – Really disappointed with like 1 catch for 8 yards
Henderson – Had a good game, like 70 yards and a TD

Nothing on Bush

And I realize this has absolutely no value or use at all.

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  1. SStambaugh says:

    Any dreams on Larry Johnson for this week? My gut is telling me to sit him in favor of Ahman Green (I also have Travis Henry…a “no brainer”). Do I dare do this?
    Also, thanks for the GREAT INSIGHT over the last 2 years! Keep up the awesome work!

  2. cpmooney15 says:

    Since I do have Bush on one of my teams, let’s hope he catches the remaining 250 yards Brees is going to throw. I’ll even settle for 110 and a TD

  3. John Hansen says:

    Nah, I would start LJ over Green. I’m worried about the Texan offense in Carolina this week. I’m worried about LJ, but he’s LJ. Keep in mind if he/’s stuffed he could catch 6-7 passes.

  4. gnidakr says:

    You were “close” with Brees’ yardage but off slightly on the TD and the projections of the other players production:

    You might want to put that info on the “Subconscious Misfires” report!. :-)

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