144 receptions, 2,928 yds, and 16 TDs!

by Jim Coventry

Well, the hype wagon is in full swing, and although everyone knows that it could never happen, that (see the article title) is the pace that Randy Moss (WR, NE) is on right now. If you read my preseason post about Moss, you know that I fully expected him to have a great year (and actually two or three more afterward.) After week one, many of the Moss naysayers are fully parked on his bandwagon, so my advice to you is simple: TRADE HIM RIGHT NOW, because his value will never be higher than it is at this moment!  I only recommend trading him of your team is looking to build for the future, but some owner in your league is probably pretty wide-eyed right about now and upset that he did not draft Moss before the season. Get a package of a future star and a few draft picks or whatever you can negotiate, but send out those trade offers now. I suggest you make some fairly ridiculous offers, too, because you have no idea which owner believes that you have the # 1 WR in fantasy right now. So, what’s the worst that happens? Everyone shoots you down and you enjoy the great season that Moss will provide you- not a bad consolation prize. I would not wait until week two, since the nature of WRs is to have a few clunkers every year, and who knows, Moss may put up 2 catches for 24 yds. this week and his value may be less than it was on draft day.  If you are counting on Moss to be a part of your juggernaut championship team, then definitely keep him, unless you can swing two starting players for this year, which is something you might also be able to swing.  If you are over-buying the hype surrounding Moss right now, take a deep breath and make a reasonable projection for him, so that you know how he fits into your team plan. I still see 1,300 yds. and 12 TDs as a very reasonable projection, though look to the Guru’s projections as well, since this site does very well with projections.  Remember, a rolling stone gathers no moss. Keep rolling with your team and make the moves that make you a champion. Hey, Randy might win you a title or two, but that doesn’t mean he has to be on your team to do just that. How many titles did Herschel Walker win the Cowboys after they received 11 players for him? 

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