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Overall, it was a pretty good opener for the players we spun positively this year, but if I had to pick one take-back call, I think I’d go Reggie Brown. Now, we did lower him fairly significantly a couple of weeks ago, but I’m still very frustrated by Brown and wish I moved him down a little lower into the mid-20s. We did stress how this could be a tough matchup for him playing against man coverage, but Brown needs to step up right now and show he can beat man coverage because if he doesn’t he will see it more and more.

In addition, the vibes aren’t exactly great on offense with Philly, especially if you saw Donovan McNabb limping out of the stadium last night like Fred G. Sanford. Brown’s going to be okay if McNabb is, but I’m not feeling all that great right now on Brown. 

And yes, I am fully aware that Deion Branch didn’t catch a pass, although he had a couple thrown to him in the red zone. Keep in mind that reliable receivers are hard to come by. It was a bad game, but Branch is very talented, he’s the clear #1 and in the best spot in the offense at flanker, the offense is strong and proven, and the quarterback is good. These are all very good things.

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  1. Flizzo says:

    You may have been off with Reggie Brown, but you were dead-on with Adrian Peterson having a great game and “wowing” the home crowd. Thank you…thank you.

  2. nyftblgiants says:

    Yeah, I took Reggie Brown, I picked him up in 5th round as my #2 rec. I wanted D. Driver but the guy in front of me picked him…I have Demtri Williams who is looking good tonight. While he’s only caught 3 passes, he has many targets including TD targets. McNair is under stress all night and now on the sideline…If Brown doesn’t pan out, I have Devry Hendy and Williams as stated, along with my starters, T. Holt, Bray Edward (looked poor yesterday) and Brown.

  3. jbeau says:

    I think we gotta give Brown and McNabb a few weeks. Packers do have a pretty decent secondary. If McNabb can’t start creating with his legs though, could be a long year for these guys. Jury is still out on these guys.

  4. pigskinny says:

    Yes, Reggie came up small, but given the fact that a) Reid-era Eagles typically suck on opening day and b) They were going up against good corners, you have to believe he’ll bounce back. Honestly, as an Eagles fan, I try to avoid taking Eagles, but he fell to the 6th, so I grabbed him. As luck would have it, some homer in my league offered me Brown for Brown (Ronnie for Reggie) and I went for it (because I’m freaking stacked at WR), but I DO think Reggie will be a decent start down the road apiece.

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