Great Draft at Rotobowl

Just got back from the Rotobowl draft, and I’m getting ready to go to the big party at the House of Blues in AC, NJ. I’m pretty excited about the team I was able to draft, so while it probably won’t help anyone, I wanted to review my 20 picks. I picked 6th, with a 3rd round reversal in the draft (didn’t affect me). PPR league and you can start 2 Flex guys, so you can in theory go with 1 QB, 4 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DT. 

Larry Johnson – He fell to 6th and I snapped him up without hesitation.
Chad Johnson – Best player available, didn’t love any of the RBs.
Clinton Portis – First time I took him all year, felt he was a solid value.
Roy Williams – I decided here to dominate the WR spot.
Jerious Norwood – Little bit of a reach, but I was feeling frisy, upside guy and I want them in this league.
Joey Galloway – Damn good pick in a PPR league, I think.
Bernard Berrian – I can go 4 WR, and he’d be my 4th, which is sick.
Jon Kitna – My plan was to hold off on QB and TE, and in the 8th round I was ready to give into a QB, plus I have the hookup with Williams.
Leon Washinton – Needed a RB for my 4th, and he has some upside and should be very reliable.
Bobby Wade - Probably could have gotten him 1-2 rounds later or more, but when you like a guy and he’s your best player available, take him.
Owen Daniels – No one was hip to him, so again I probably could have gotten him a little later, but I was thrilled to have him and his upside this late. My plan is to also get Bo Scaife.
James Jones - Had to take a shot here, nice 6th WR in a PPR league.
Rex Grossman – Nice 13th round pick.
Adrian Peterson – Just an upside RB pick in the 14th, he’ll be money if Benson gets hurt.
Green Bay Defense – I love this defense this year, as you may have noticed from our very high ranking. They are looking like *the* sleeper defense of the year.
Tony Scheffler – Damn, got greedy and missed out on Scaife.
Chris Henry, RB – Why not this late?
Robbie Gould – Not bad this late, he was money last year.
David Garrard – I was ready to end it, but worth having around.
Tab Perry – Nice shot this late, plus I have Chad. 

Overall, I’m very pleased with this team and I think I should make it to the finals.

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  1. Floyd the Barber says:

    Hey John,

    This is not in any way meant to be a suck-up, but I am fully convinced you move the line within the fantasy industry. Perfect example: Bo Scaife.

    Two months ago Scaife was generally ranked by the expertsd in the high teens / low 20s. You evaluated their skank at WR and unproven RBs and concluded that Scaife is going to do more than just catch a few touchdowns like Bubbba Franks.

    You bumped him into your Top 12 and, presto! All of a sudden all these other sites and experts decided Scaife is a sleeper. What a joke.

    Don’t be fooled people. Hansen is the gold standard and these other fantasy football guys are thieves.

  2. timmy1b says:

    Hi John – very good team. I agree with the industry standards being changed based on this site..I saw that with about 4-5 other players. I am in 3 leagues and everyone thinks I drafted avg…yeah right not going into all my teams but trust me I have value picks all over the place. in 12 teamers first 4 are Westbrook, Henry, A. Johnson and J. 10 team leagues..S. Jackson, T.O., McGahee, J. Walker and L. Fitzgerald and Addai, C. Johnson, S. Smith (carolina), C. Benson and A. Peterson (Minny). I have Kitna in 2 leagues! Good luck all have a great season and lets root for John to win a few leagues.

  3. nyftblgiants says:

    There are a lot of similarities between this draft and mine, I’m in a keeper league…I kept T. Holt and T. Henry. then it went like this
    3. Brandon Jacobs (the guy one spot ahead of me took, McGahee, who I really wanted)
    4. D. MacAlister
    5. Reggie Brown
    6. Bray Edwards
    7. Julius Jones
    8. Ravens DST
    9. J. Kitna
    10. O. Daniels
    11. Devry Hendy
    12. Leon washington
    13. Steve Smith (def. reached here, bad pick, but I’m a Giants fan, and got enamored
    14. Neil Rackers
    15. D. Garrard
    16. Demtri Williams
    17. Vikes DST
    18. Bo Scaife
    19. Mack Morris, (waivered him for selvin young)

    That was my keeper league draft…thought I picked up good value, Leon Washington in Rd 12…Julius in Rd. 7, Kitna in Rd. 9, etc. Anyway, now I’m stuck trying to decide Kitna or Garrard in week one, and Ravens or Vikings DST this week. 45 Minutes to think about it.

  4. jbeau says:

    John, I had some good players in my draft, and unfortunately had the 12th pick. I did the RotoBowl online draft. You got a real nice squad, you should definitely go far.

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