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This year has been interesting in dealing with customers, and even talking to random fantasy players. For some reason, there seems to be a higher level of sophistication with fantasy players these days. What I mean by that is I think people really get it now. It’s football. The ball is shaped oddly. Stuff happens. The unpredictable happens. Believe it or not, there are 11 guys on the other side getting paid millions to stop your guys.

People seem to understand this now. So unless we really screw something up this year, I’m really going to have to laugh when I see the after-the-fact complainers this year because these type of people are seriously in the minority these days. And they can go away forever as far as I’m concerned because my target audience is officially the rational people who have a grip on reality, and the good news is they appear to be in the majority in 2007.

I want to win as much as the next guy, and I hate to lose more than most. But it’s football. Just as my taste in music and movies is getting more sophisticated lately, I’m feeling a little bit more in control with fantasy this year. I’m not going to get too high, and I’m not going to get too low. It worked for Tony Dungy.

One way I’m going to change my approach this year is not check my teams while the games are going on. It’s not like I can do anything about it, and I’ll have an idea how my guys are doing anyway. Think about it, it you spend your Sunday afternoon watching every play on, not only will you not know what the hell is going on, you might be extra pissed knowing you not only spent the whole day staring at a computer screen, but you did so do watch a loss slowly unfold. 

Like right now, as I write this, I know I have Reggie Wayne in a couple of leagues and I’m not even going to check the sites they are on. Forget about how I quit smoking a couple of years ago after about a 15-year run.

That’s will power.   

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  1. pferg says:

    Hey John – I think you even set the bar too high at not really screwing somethign up – it’s inevitable – some player you were hot on will crash and burn, etc. Who cares? The tests I use are do you get it right most of the time and are you proactive about correcting your errors. IMHO, you guys are light years ahead of everyone else on both counts. So don’t worry even if there is a real screwup – we’ll stick with you!

    Nice idea about not looking at the computer – not sure I can pull it off. I agree staring at the stats kills the enjoyment of watching the games but the occasional glance never hurts…

  2. Red says:

    John–As a subscriber for many years (living through the not so great calls on Trent Green and Kevin Jones) I agree that most of us are rational understand you can’t always be right–and from my standpoint you are right more times than wrong, particularly when identifying sleeper talent prior to others. Speaking of your taste in music and movies, although I suspect most subscribers are interested solely in your take on football, I enjoyed your commentary last year on off-football topics–any intention of resurrecting this?

  3. Flizzo says:

    I hope I can one day achieve such a Zen-like approach to fantasy football. For at least week 1 though, I’m going to be a Sunday ticket channel-flipping, live scoring junkie.

  4. paperguy says:

    As witnessed last night, predicting what might happen in a game is not a science. This is what makes the NFL so much fun. I don’t even think Nostradamus could have correctly predicted the night Drew Brees, Reggie Bush, and Marcus Colston would have had.
    Enjoy the games first for the entertainment and excitement they provide and supplement it with the additional thrill of victory or agony of defeat that the bounce of the ball provides to you personally.

  5. mvuinc says:

    Wow, you’ve quit smoking after 15 years? Congrats.

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