A Texas-Sized Keeper Bonanza

by Jim Coventry


For many years, owners have been able to strike oil with fantasy players from Texas. The Cowboys usually gave us a star (or two or three) every year and the Oilers, when they were in Houston, gave us the run and shoot offense with all of the fantasy points we could have wanted. Since Houston brought football back, that part of the state has been a little hit-or-miss for keeper leagues. The sharp owners grabbed Domanick Davis (Williams- thanks for changing your name, Dom, we won’t be seeing you anymore, so it won’t matter) off the waiver wire and got a couple of good years out of him. Andre Johnson has been decent the last couple of years, but that has been about it. It looks like a new day may be dawning in Houston.  Gary Kubiak has brought in the Denver Broncos offensive system and as last year came to a close, the Texans looked like they were turning the corner and becoming a very nice running team. In the offseason, they brought in Ahman Green (RB, Hou) and Matt Schaub (QB, Hou) to improve the talent level at two key positions. Owen Daniels (TE, Hou) is looking like he could be a very nice player and Jacoby Jones (WR, Hou) has flashed special qualities over the last few weeks. Andre Johnson may be able to take off with all of the added help as well.  Although Green is getting pretty long in the tooth, he may be paving the way for a successful system for years to come. Green should be serviceable for another year or two, but the rest of the players may be anchors in fantasy drafts for years to come. As you look at the future of your franchise, you might want to think about your stance on the future of the Texans, and if you are buying, be sure to get in on some of the action in trades and/or free agency. 

You may have an Andre Johnson (WR, Hou) owner who has had it with his low YPC and few TDs. If so, see if you can pry him loose and pair that with a future draft choice on Schaub- maybe this will be the next great hookup.  As for me, I think Kubiak is an excellent coach and will make Houston a nice spot for fantasy football. They will not be the Colts or Saints, but there is no reason to think that they will not be a nice second-tier offense for the next few years. 

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