Bronco Depth Chart a mess

You know, I was pissed when I saw all the reports about Selvin Young being the #2 RB in Denver because my guy there told me just last Thursday he thought it was Cecil Sapp. Got a couple of e-mails, blah, blah blah. Guess who is officially the #2 RB on their official depth chart announced this week? Cecil-freaking-Sapp is.

Now, I will say this DC means very little. They have Brandon Stokley as the #2 opposite Javon Walker, but Brandon Marshall is going to be the 2nd receiver. As for Young, he’s officially #5 on the depth chart!

Just be prepared for this: the backup RB situation is a nightmare. One thing that gives Sapp an advantage is he’s played FB, and he can catch the ball. I think he will play no matter what if Travis Henry goes down.

But talk to me tomorrow; I might have a different spin. 

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  1. blogadocio says:

    You mean Brandon Marshall will be the #2 receiver, right?

  2. FootballDoc says:

    Not that this changes the fact that the backfield is a nightmare, but the Broncos updated their depth chart today after Rice was signed. Young is now the #2 RB, Sapp is top FB.

  3. nkslaughter says:

    Sheesh, and I just dropped Bobby Wade to pickup Selvin Young.

  4. jvill says:

    That first depth chart was bogus. New one released today. Selvin is back at #2, Sapp is at fullback.

  5. I think you need a new “guy” in Denver….

    Young is the #2


  6. jbeaupierre says:

    It is for this reason, that I don’t draft Bronco RBs. You need three extra roster spots just to remain safe. Screw Shanahan, he needs to be nicer to us fantasy nuts!!!!!!

  7. jbeaupierre says:

    John!! any chat this week? I saw your preliminary rankings and got some pressing issues. Hopefully, you will be around friday to enlighten us.

  8. John Hansen says:

    Ha, ha, that “guy” is the person who told me to beg people to take Clinton Portis his rookie year, so I think I’ll stick with him for now. It’s tough to guess what Shanahan wants to do when Shanahan doesn’t know. The situation changes daily.

    I’m on the fence about the chats, quite frankly. I’m taking time away from my family for the same 9 people, which doesn’t seem right.

  9. jbeaupierre says:

    Oh, okay so will you answer questions on the blog?

  10. mmanning says:

    Hey John, I know this is off topic but, do you think the upside of Devery Henderson is worth playing over Braylon Edwards?

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