These Rankings are clean

In about a week, the regular season begins, and so does the process of me being wrong in 2007.

I will be wrong many times, it is unavoidable. But after doing some final tweaks to the rankings today, I feel good about them. There were a few guys who were bothering me as we go down the wire here in the preseason. Ronnie Brown, for one. I know Cam Cameron is talking up Jesse Chatman purely as motivated for Brown, but that certainly doesn’t bode well. I moved Brown a tad, although he comes out above MJD because of the alphabet. But if you look, you’ll see Brown has the downside to finish lower and MJD the upside to finish higher. It’s a tough call because Brown will be the workhorse, and MJD really has to take full advantage of every touch he gets, or else he could come up small. On the other hand, Brown has been shaky and MJD great.

Antother one that is really bothering me is Julius Jones and Marion Barber. I have had Jones higher all summer, but they have crept toward one another and are now neck-and-neck. I love Barber, but I can’t get past the fact that Jones is the starter. Jones I think has more raw talent, Barber a little more moxie. It’s a very tough call, but if you’re looking for TDs more than anything it’s not. I do feel a little better about Jones today because I was on Sirius NFL Radio this morning talking fantasy with Gil Brandt, who as many of you know is one of the godfathers of the NFL and the Dallas Cowboys. I asked Gil about the situation and he’s a Jones guy, pointing out specifically how Barber did rank very low in terms of his short-yardage conversions last year. He, like me, certainly appreciates both players, but leans to Jones. We’ll have to see wha transpires, but know it’s a tough call.

I also moved a few other guys around, so check the rankings update article on the site when that is posted this afternoon (should be by like 2pm ET), and the Stock Watch, also coming.

I also moved Chad Johnson back to #1 now that it looks like RT Willie Anderson will be back for the opener, That was huge. As you likely know, we had CJ #1 for most of the off-season, but he was lowered a few weeks ago with all their problems at T. I feel better about the situation now, and CJ is back at #1 and is going to have a huge season.

Otherwise, I feel pretty good about the rankings. I don’t think there will be many huge swings and misses this year. There shouldn’t be any glaring mistakes or ommissions. Amazingly, we have not receive one “what-the-hell-are-you-thinking” e-mail about the rankings. In other words, if you’ve yet to draft, you should be in good shape.

OK. We’re officially ready for the start of the season. 

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  1. bjchapin says:

    How about the being wrong on the call on Denver? Two days ago your call was Sapp was the #2, (so I picked him up) now its Young (who’s no longer available). I realize it’s Shanahan so I’ll cut you a break.

  2. John Hansen says:

    Yeah, it doesn’t count when you’re wrong about Denver. And had Young not done so well Thursday, this probably wouldn’t be a conversation. And also, the season hasn’t started yet.

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