Bad Receiver Picks

As we updated our players to avoid article this week, I took a look at the receivers, and it’s definitely a motley crew. There are definitely some bad vibes surrounding some bigger name receivers, so let’s take another look.

Plaxico Burress – He’s been on the list to avoid from day one, and the vibes keep getting worse. I would expect him to be ready for Week One, but I’m not touching him. He’s been out or limited all summer, and now he has the lingering back issue popping up again this week. In between the back and ankle issues, he had the flu last week. None for me, thanks.

Chris Chambers – He’s been on the list for weeks, and now he’s the subject of trade rumors. I keep saying it over and over again: Ted Ginn is an elite talent. Chambers is never going to be a top-end receiver, and the Dolphins know that. I wouldn’t take him if he offered to mow my lawn for taking him.

Torry Holt – He made it on the list this week. His knee issue is lingering. I think Holt will play through the issue all year, as he basically did last year. But between the knee and the new toys for Marc Bulger, I’m not going to be taking Holt.

Randy Moss – He was on the list all spring, and then I took him off. He’s obviously a tough call, but I haven’t take him and I won’t.

Donald Driver – He’s just not for me, especially now with this foot injury. It’s not 100% he will be ready for the opener. No one knows just yet how close he will be come 9/9. I’ll pass.

Hines Ward – I’m just not feeling him this year. I just can’t get excited. He will have to catch a lot of short TDs to come through, and that’s never a guarantee. I see a lot of 4-catch for 67-yard games from Ward. That’s not bad, but it’s not very good.

Jet WRs – I haven’t taken any of them yet, although I would take Cotchery in a PPR league a coupe rounds after Coles. But I’m certainly not targeting either.

Mark Clayton – Not feeling him and this passing game. Too many other weapons and not nearly enough production to go around. Not Clayton’s fault because he’s a good player.

Jerry Porter – Where the hell is he? I mean, you want to talk about a quiet month of August.

Muhsin Muhammad and Joe Horn – No way.  

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  1. jbeaupierre says:

    I love this list, especially since in 3 drafts, I haven’t picked one of these receivers. Except for Driver, and that was a couple days before he got hurt. At least I picked up Jones just in case Driver can’t go. Not sure which Mark Clayton you are talking about there..I assume Ravens.

  2. leconey says:

    if you’re talking about Michael Clayton of the Bucs, no need to even list him here – he’s beyond avoidable at this point, more like black plague-infested

  3. cpmooney15 says:

    7 drafts for me, and none are on my rosters either.

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