Annoying Teenager Draft takes place

I officially have sympathy for those forced to partake in drafts where a) the players don’t know what they’e doing b) the computer picks for them or c) both.

I finally did the teenager draft I talked about a week or so ago. We had the 8th pick in a 12-teamer, and of course it was only 14 rounds so some great players were left on the board. I couldn’t imagine having to account for some bad picks and most especially for the fact that many players were being picked on auto pilot, but now I can. That meant having to take Tony Romo in the 5th just because we had to get a good option, and being forced to take the Ravens D in the 7th (granted, this league was *very* heavy on defense and points and yardage allowed.

Man, this was annoying, but here’s how the draft went.

1 – Willie Parker

2 – Laurence Maroney – Took him over Henry because I knew I could get Sammy Morris. Of course I didn’t because it was only 14 rounds and it was take Morris or like Jerious Norwood. If I could do it over I would take Steve Smith or Chad Johnson because there was ridiculous value at RB in the 3rd and 4th round.

3. Andre Johnson

4. Roy Williams

5. Tony Romo – Sonofa…but it’s 6 pts per TD and he will get some.

6. Bernard Berrian – Sportsline had him high, so I was going to get screwed with someone taking him before it came back to me. It was early, but f-it.

7. Raven DT – Had to do it, you should have seen the lame DT run 2 rounds later on autopick.

8. Jamal Lewis – TD heavy league

9. Deanglo Williams – Had to take him

10. Kevin Curtis – Finally, I actually get value.

11. Jerious Norwood – Could not believe he was there; apparently, sportsline has him ranked really low.

12. Owen Daniels – Had to get a starter, at least he could be very good. Scaife not drafted. Got hosed by a kid I used to give rides to 9-year old travel baseball games just 5 years ago who took Vernon Davis right in front of me. Little bastard (actually, he’s 6 foot now).

13. Rex Grossman – blah, blah, blah, upside backup

14. Joe Nedney – absolute garbage at PK, was forced to take one.

So I have ridiculous depth at RB, but I couldn’t really kill these kids because there were so many good players on the board. The lesson? I’d MUCH rather draft against the experts then kids and the freaking autopilot.

Starting lineup:
Tony Romo
Willie Parker
Laurence Maroney
Andre Johnson
Roy Williams
Bernard Berrian
Owen Daniels
Joe Nendey
Baltimore Defense – Remember that it’s *very* DT heavy, points for pts against and yards against.

Rex Grossman
Jamal Lewis
DeAngelo Williams
Jerious Norwood
Kevin Curtis

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  1. mvuinc says:

    What a crazy draft =). You better win Hansen. Muwhahahahaha.
    …a social network for sports fans.

  2. gfunkg4 says:

    I feel your pain, I’ve been going through it for 4 years. All my friends live back home in different areas so we do online drafts. I wish I would have known about this draft, I could have given you advice for all the insight and wisdom you have given me the last 4 years. I’m in a league in and it sounds like the same exact scoring system and roster requirements. From your advice, I do my own lessons learned every year, and my draft strategy changed this year. Every year I would stock up on running backs cuz the value was so good, but what I didn’t understand was that those RB’s would have been there a few rounds later and add studs at other positions. I did get really lucky this year, but prob cuz of my strategy. My best value was steve smith in the 3rd and Ahman Green in the seventh. If you care, here’s my roster.

    Donovan Mcnabb (2nd round, 6 pts per TD, he was the last of the 6 studs, had to get him)
    Steven Jackson
    Ahman Green or Marion Barber (don’t know if I should start Ahman Green and A. Johnson)
    Steve Smith
    ‘Dre Johnson
    Deion Branch
    Vernon Davis
    Adam Viniteri
    Cowboys (wanted Balt or Chi, but those were gone by the 4th round)

    Marion Barber or Ahman Green
    Brian Leonard
    Kevin Curtis
    Bobby Wade
    Rex Grossman

  3. cpmooney15 says:

    I really don’t like online drafts either, but I guess it’s a necessary evil. I’m in one league that has been around for 15 years. It all started in Chicago where all of us used to live. Now that more than half the league lives in another city, we still get together (usually in Chicago) for the draft. Having the draft in person is one of the most exciting parts to fantasy football.

    In almost all my drafts, I targeted and got, Andre Johnson, Matt Schaub, Bobby Wade, and LaMont Jordan (late)

  4. John Hansen says:

    Update: Just traded Norwood for Vernon Davis.

  5. *Legion* says:


    You sound a lot like those grizzled professional poker players who have been playing for 30 years and now have all these crazy unpredictable 20-year-old kids flooding the tournaments with their self-destructive play.

    When someone tries to shoot themselves in the foot with a machine gun, stray bullets tend to ricochet and hit those nearby. :)

  6. *Legion* says:

    And next year, we expect to see an “Annoying Teenager Draft Plan” in the Strategy Stuff section. ;)

  7. maroon78 says:

    This looks like my draft last night. I dafted 12th out of 12. Starters Parker, Henry, A.Johnson, R. Williams, Branch, Cutler, O. Daniels, Mare, Minn. I noticed after taking Henry that he and Parker have same bye week. R. Johnson was available. I took Cutler in 6th round and Grossman in 8th. The top 7 Qbs were gone by the 3rd.

  8. pferg says:

    Hey John –
    I also play in a league where D scoring is very heavily weighted. We get +1 Sack, +2 INT, FUM, all SpcTm and D TDs, but (here’s the heavy weighting) we LOSE .03 points per yard (basically -1 for every 30 yards given up) and we basically lose 2 points per every 7 points the Offense scores against your D.

    OK, so my question is can you point me to some resources to analyze this kind scoring system (particularly the yards and points given up, since you have the others in your D projections)? If it’s not too much trouble, off the top of your head, what would be your top 10 and maybe a good sleeper or 2? If that’s too much work, would you flip BALT to #1 over CHI (last year Balt was 45 points better). Any other advise would be great.

    Thanks a ton, Cheers, Peter

    ps. Last year’s top 12:
    1. Balt -50 , 2. CHI -95 , 3. NE -112 , 4. SD -130 ,
    5. MIN -132 , 6. JAX -132, 7. MIN -138, 8. PIT -143,
    9. OAK -150, 10. PHI -155, 11. GB -155, 12. CAR -158

  9. gfunkg4 says:

    Great Trade! are you going to keep Daniels or get more depth at RB or WR on your roster from the WW?

  10. Islander says:

    You have my sympathy on drafting with the uniformed. This year, just ahead of my pick, which was going to be Vernon Davis, one guy went down his cheat sheet naming off WR’s trying to find one that hadn’t been drafted yet. After 10 names, he gave up, moved on to TE, and picked Davis – as a backup to Antonio Gates (who he had taken in the 3rd round)!

    My only consolation is that I ended up with Daniels and Scaife at TE.

    Of course, the other silver lining in this kind of draft is the opportunity to load up on talent. Everyone else was picking up starting and backup (!) QB’s in the first 7 rounds, so picking second out of ten, I grabbed Steven Jackson, Chad Johnson, Andre Johnson, Ronnie Brown, Javon Walker, Adrian Petersen, Bernard Berrian and Julius Jones before picking up Jay Cutler and Rex Grossman at QB (we only roster 2, so I’m keeping an eye on Matt Schaub). Add Kevin Curtis, Neil Rackers and Olindo Mare, and I’m feeling pretty good about things…. although I still wish I’d gotten Vernon Davis.

  11. *Legion* says:

    This year, just ahead of my pick, which was going to be Vernon Davis, one guy went down his cheat sheet naming off WR’s trying to find one that hadn’t been drafted yet. After 10 names, he gave up

    That’s a poorly run draft. That’s why drafts I run don’t involve shouting out names, it’s always a BAD BAD idea, especially with “regular folks”.

    If people aren’t putting in their picks with a laptop, I have drafters write their pick down on a card and give it to me. If it’s not a valid pick (player already taken, etc), I just cross the name out and hand it back to them. If they don’t make a valid pick before their timer runs out, we move on to the next pick. (Skipped over picks can be made anytime after they’re skipped, but we ain’t sitting around and waiting for them).

  12. Years ago I interviewed (former) NASCAR driver Brett Bodine, and asked what it was like racing against his brother. He said he preferred it, because he trusted him, and knew his tendencies.

    I prefer my league drafts to be like that. My current league (1st/2nd the last 2 seasons, thanks in part to Guru) has a guy that goes RB RB RB RB RB every year, but we know that going in. Another guy likes to carry 4 TEs. Go figure, right? But both have a method to their madness, which helps me predict players who will be available when the draft heads back my way so I can work my plan.

    I don’t expect others to log the same research time I do, but I’d put an “annoying teenager draft” right alongside a league which chooses rosters by favorite jersey numbers or team colors.

    Keep up the good work, and thanks, John!

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