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I literally cannot feel my fingers right now I’ve been typing so much, so you’ll have to excuse the lack of action here. As you may have surmised by now, the hotter and heavier it gets on the Web site, the less I will be popping in here, but I will be popping in as things pop into my head.

To give you an update on the teenager draft, it hasn’t happened yet. Damn kids can’t get their act together. As soon as it does, I’ll post the results. I’m thinking they’re not hip to the Bernard Berrian’s of the world, so I should stomp them like a nark at a biker rally.

If you go way back to I think February, you’ll find a post I made about how I think 2007 will be Carson Palmer and Chad Johnson’s best year together. This will be their career year as a duo. I’m still thinking that, but their O-Line issues scare me a little. I still do have Steve Smith ahead of Johnson, but it’s very, very close, obviously. I would not argue with taking CJ over SS, although I would not in a PPR league.

I’m going to leave Smith #1, though. I loved both players before it was fashionable to. Smith’s detractors say that he isn’t big enough to score TDs in the red zone, but some don’t watch enough football. Smith is an extremely rare talent. He doesn’t need great size to be an extremely effective red zone target. He’s very physical, and very slippery, and he’ll out-work anyone in the red zone. He’ll also catch everything thrown to him. I have absolutely no qualms with Smith in the red zone. No, he’s not T.O. in the endzone, but the thing I like about Smith is that he didn’t possibly try to kill himself last year. That’s a plus in my book.

Back to the Bengals. Rudi Johnson looked very good, very quick. If they didn’t have their issues on their O-Line, I’d bump him up, but I’m going to keep him #11 for now. But I will say this: if it comes down to Travis Henry and Johnson, and you want to play it safe, Johnson is easily the choice. If you’re in a league in which you’re sure you can get a lot of good players after your first pick, then I’m more than ok taking Johnson very early. However, in a tougher league, Henry is more of a play-to-win pick.  

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  1. jbeaupierre says:

    Whassup Mr. Hansen. I’m in a PPR league, and I definitely agree with Smith over CJ. Smith’s height is sometimes an advantage. He is so quick , they lose him in the endzone and does catch everything in his viscinity. Two years ago I had the same worry about him in the redzone, but I still picked him and was greatly rewarded. In fact I had both CJ and Smith. This was the year he was coming off an injury I believe. Hes the man. Reminds me of Mighty Mouse. haha.

  2. cpmooney15 says:

    Hey John

    I’ve been subscribing to your site for the last few years and have renewed by the next two. Love the site and all the info you provide. I’ve been doing FF myself for over 15 years and I have to say that you and I think a lot alike.

    I was just in a 10 person draft and took Rudi at #10, then came back with Maroney. I’m not real high on Ronnie Brown, and I like Maroney’s upside. I know you got Ronnie in a few leagues.

    While I’ve been doing FF for years, I’m new to getting my info on the web. If you get a chance, check out my blog at http://www.fantasyfootballfreeadvice.com and let me know what you think.

    Also, if you ever need another owner in one of your leagues, let me know.


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