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OK kiddies, as promised here’s the remainder of my recent interview with Tyler Dunne of The Packer Report. Dunne himself is an avid fantasy player, so he knew exactly the type of information we’re looking for.

Dunne on rookie RB Brandon Jackson:

“He fell into the starter’s role by default 3 weeks ago and looked very hesitant initially. But over the past few weeks, he has improved greatly. He is reading lanes better and adapting to the team’s zone blocking scheme. I think he will win the job outright, especially if he comes through with a strong, early performance.
The team wants Noah Herron to be a 3rd down back and Vernand Morency is much better suited as a change-of-pace back. I think Jackson could see a 1,000 yd-10 TD type of season, although 850-7 is more like it. He has decent hands too, which also helps his value.”

The real eye-opener for your Barber was Dunne’s comments on back-up QB Aaron Rodgers. Personally, I had never given much thought to Rodgers and for the most part considered a wasted pick. Not so said Dunne.

“Aaron Rodgers has had an extraordinary camp. I was never a big fan of his, but after seeing him every day in practice, I’m positive Thompson and McCarthy want to get him on the on the field ASAP. He has outperformed Favre against 2nd and 1st team defenses. His mechanics, knowledge of the offense, and mobility have improved drastically in his 3rd season. I wrote a column on him last week and once Fave retires (if he ever does) the Pack may bring in  a Culpepper-type of guy, but they really like Rodgers and will probably try to get him on the field this year even.”

Dunne went on to tell me that he feels Rodgers is ready to play, period, either in Green Bay or elsewhere. And Rodgers pre-season play this year and last has done nothing to undermine that stream of thought.

In fact given Rodgers growth and production, he seems like a perfect player to target and acquire in dynasty, if you have the available roster space. And the great part is you can likely get him at bargain basement rates.

The Brett Favre reign will end soon enough and with their cupboard looking fairly loaded with young prospects, Rodgers could not only step into an attractive situation, but produce as when he does.

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