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I got a call today from a friend of mine who covers an NFL team for a major paper. He’s always kind enough to hook me up with the inside dirt on his team, so I was happy to help him with his fantasy draft today. I basically, walked him through the first 6-7 rounds, and then he went off our stuff. The results were very, very good, so I thought I’d share. This looks like an All FantasyGuru.com Draft Plan team to me.

Only 10 teams, and the QBs did go early. I want one of the top QBs, but not if they are going too early, so we strayed away from getting one of the top guys. Here’s his team:

QBs: Romo, Favre
RBs: Tomlinson, Maurice Jones-Drew, Adrian Peterson, Brian Leonard
WRs: Steve Smith, Javon Walker, B. Berrian, Santonio Holmes, DJ Hackett, Devery Henderson
TEs: Vernon Davis, Owen Daniels
K: Rackers
DEF: Chicago

I would have taken Rex Grossman as my backup, however. Grossman didnt even get drafted.

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  1. bsteinbe73 says:

    I’m in an 12 team $$ redraft going on right now out of the 6 spot. It’s a 1 QB, 1 RB, 3 WR, 1 UTIL, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DT format. So far using your draft plan I’ve got Addai, Steve Smith, Holt, Andre Johnson, and Ahman Green. At this point I’ll probably fill QB (Romo, Young, Rivers, Roeths, etc tier) or TE (only Gates has gone so far) otherwise I’ll continue to stockpile WR/RB’s for another few rounds and see if Witten and Scaife make it to me at TE. At QB if I miss on this tier I’ll look at Alex Smith, Campbell, and Garcia who combine to an amazing SOS QBBC. I’ll have to think DT perhaps as soon as the 8th round if noone takes Bears or Ravens.

    A few other tidbits: This is a league where only champions from last year in this guy’s leagues were eligible so while I hopefully none use this site all are certainly competent owners. In Round 1 it started as I expected LT, SJax, LJ, Gore, and WParker. In Round 3 I wanted Wayne who went just before Holt. In Round 4 I wanted Housh who went just before AJ. After the AJ pick I started a huge WR run as every team between my picks had 2 RB’s already.

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