The Whole Town Is Talking About The Jones Boy.

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I had a chance to touch base with a new friend to the Shop – Tyler Dunne of the Packer Report – for a little Q-and-A fun earlier this week and was planning on posting a full report later tonight. But in light of last night’s injury to lead wideout Donald Driver, I thought I would post his comments on WR James Jones now and they were most certainly glowing.

Here’s what Dunne had to say prior to last night’s developements with Driver:

“James Jones has been the star of camp. From day one he has caught everything thrown his direction. Much like Sterling Sharpe is his heyday, Jones attacks the football with his hands, not body. His early success is eerily similar to Greg Jennings last summer. He is pretty much entrenched as the team’s No. 3 WR behind Driver and Jennings, but Jones will be an ideal receiver for the West Coast offense. Jones isn’t a deep threat but he’s fearless across the middle and doesn’t drop passes. Being from Buffalo, I see a ton of Eric Moulds in Jones. This season he’ll probably be in the 750-6 range, because Driver and Jennings will see a ton of balls. But for keeper leagues, I think he is definitely worth a look in the late rounds.”

So in light of his pre-season production, the follow-up question was a no-brainer – Can Jones overtake Greg Jennings for the starting spot opposite Driver. Dunne advised to proceed with caution:

“As far as Jones overtaking Jennings, I’m not so sure about that. No doubt. Jones has been more consistent than Jennings, but there is a catch to it. To get Jones up to speed in the offense, the coaches have been throwing Jennings out wide on 3-WR sets in  position where he is basically just told to go deep every play. Jones has been a main focal point to get him up to speed with the offense.  I still think Jennings will hang on to his spot all year and beyond. Before hurting his ankle last season, he was on pace for a 1200-10 season. Now he’s healthy. Green Bay doesn’t have many deep threats in their receiving corps, but Jennings has shown the ability to get Favre’s long balls. So I think he could be in for a big year. McCarthy will probably be throwing much more than he’d like.”

Interesting, aye?

The points of Dunne’s eyewitness observations that really jumped out me were that James Jones attacks the ball, catches the ball with his hands, and is cut from the same cloth as Sterling Sharpe — Triats that have translated into all of the pre-season action thus far.

Additionally, the college draft profiles I read about Jones afterward this interview, mentioned his hands and toughness and the fact that he rises to the occassion in big games.

In short, Jones was an attractive dynasty prospect before any injury to Driver. He will now step into Driver’s role and depending on the severity of that injury, Jones could potenitally become the focal point of the Green Bay passing attack.

If you have a spare roster spot I suggest plucking Jones ASAP.

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