Near-Perfect Draft Plan Execution, Far from perfect conditions

I’ve done some expert drafts under less-than-ideal conditions, like with one or two of my 18-month old twins on my lap, but last night was ridiculous.

Since I’ve spent about 9 minutes with my kids this month, I figured I’d step aside for a few hours and catch a Phillies game. It was supposed to be a great matchup, too: Cole Hamels vs. Brad Penny.

I should have know the night was going to be rough when it was announced that Hamels wasn’t going to make the start, and then Penny was moved in the rotation, so we had to settle for Derek Lowe (not bad, I admit).

And then I realized I was schedule to partake in another “Expert Draft” that night. Damn, I just can’t step aside for even 180 minutes. I have my laptop and my wireless broadband card, so I figured I could swing drafting at the game. I did, but it was pretty rough. I got my two older kids with me, I’m fighting traffic on the Walt Whitman bridge to get to the game (and the draft) on time. It’s raining, cold, and I just happen to be sitting in the worse row in the entire stadium. Apparently, everyone in this row had a thyroid problem because I’ve never seen 4-5 guys leave to take a wiz more frequently (BTW, I don’t say “pee” and never will; It’s either a piss, or a wiz. If you’re a man and you say “pee” stop doing that). I’m a pretty big guy, so I’m crammed in my seat to begin with. So I’m drafting, at a baseball game, with my kids punching each other every two minutes, in the rain, and I’m getting up to let someone go by every 11.4 seconds. Oh, and the other people drafting were too busy partaking in their corny ass chit-chat then making their picks, as my freaking battery was losing power by the second and dwindling down to nothing.

All that said, I still kicked ass.

Here are my first 10 picks in this PPR league. I drafted 8th overall. I will review the entire draft for the site, ASAP. I should mention that since my battery was dying, I went on autopilot at the end, which is never good. I also took a few guys in the later rounds simply because they were there and had a pulse.

Starting lineup: 1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DT  

Reggie Bush
Steve Smith (the good one)
Javon Walker
Adrian Peterson (the good one)
Tom Brady
Julius Jones
Kevin Curtis (just missed Berrian)
Jeremy Shockey (just missed Cooley)
Donte Stallworth
Vernand Morency (best option in terms of potential value on the board) 

This was a great example of implementing the draft plan well, letting the draft come to you and not over-reaching, while also playing to win with picks like Walker and Peterson.  I would have been thrilled had I gotten Berrian and Cooley, and I was very close (also almost got Brees in the 5th), but I’m still very pleased with this team. This team will be right at the top, as it’s been the last two years in this league.   

Apparently, there were 18 runs scored in the game, I think I saw 2 of them.  


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  1. NYBrewCrew says:

    That’s funny. I thought I was crazy trying to prepare for a draft while working a 60 HR week, going to panthers game friday, Work all day saturday. party saturday night then back to back live drafts all day sunday. Just completed my league Avatar. We play in the Hot Babe Fantasy league.

    here it is:

  2. pistolpete61 says:

    What is your current RB cutoff in round 2 before jumping over to the top WR?I’m sure it’s a little different from your 7/3 blog.Thanks.I’m also dragging my 10 year old son to a couple of drafts this weekend.He’ll be working the timeclock in one of them.

  3. Floyd the Barber says:

    Hey John – How does saying I’m gonna take a leak measure up on the man scale?

  4. Pacman says:

    I don’t know John, I’m not feeling this team at all. Although I don’t think you said how many teams were in the league. I suppose if it’s 14 teams or more you did very well. I like the Brady pick, and getting Bush at #8 in a PPR should pay dividends. If it’s a 12 team league, I don’t see you finishing in the top half.

  5. [email protected] says:

    Always have to put in some QT with the Family. I need to do the same w/ my two. Nice draft; I have the 8th pick in a big money PPR leauge and will go w/ the same strategy. The Bears D would have been a nice grab if you really wanted to go for the jugular.
    Thanks for all of the great insight.

  6. pigskinny says:

    Wah, wah waaaaaaahh….

    Dude – do you NOT see the irony here?

    You’re a “guru” of FANTASY, but, apparently, completely out of touch with REALITY.

    I find it funny that man who talks about the “manliness” of using the word “pee” is sitting at Phils game with a laptop on his lap, all geeked out with a mobile broadband card, would question a man’s “manliness” for using a word so ubiquitous as “pee”. The irony is *thickened* by the fact that you, who are at a baseball game, laptop in hand (a condition that would almost prohibit you from getting it on with anyone in the first place) with your *kids*.

    Don’t get me wrong – I’m right there with ya…I embrace my geekitude, but for you to get into semantics over terms used for urination, as you sit there doing your fantasy draft, well…let’s just say you don’t really recognize what you do for what it is.

  7. pigskinny says:

    And yes, I’m aware of my typos

  8. John Hansen says:

    Floyd, taking a leak is a good one. No issues there.

    Pigskinny, Um, I don’t know what to say…I do this for a living so I was working, just so happened I promised my kids I’d take them to a game. I did, however, step away a couple of times because after drinking a few beers, I had to take a piss.

    You ever hear a woman go? That’s peeing. When I go it’s like Niagara Falls; that’s taking a piss.

  9. halizo says:

    A woman going is NOT peeing. It’s a shuttle launch. There must be some sort of law of physics that creates a vacuum between the toilet set and their butt that keeps them from hitting the ceiling.

  10. John Hansen says:

    OK, we can close this topic! I will contend to the grave that guys shouldn’t say “pee” but that’s just me.

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