The Experts Drafting Late

We finished up the Magazine draft last night, the final six rounds. Each year we draft 14 rounds for the magazine and make everyone draft a starting lineup then (1 QB, 2 RBs, 3 WRs, 1 Flex, 1 TE, 1 PK, 1 DT). Then in August we finish up, so we have a better idea of who to draft. The luck of the draw here is having one of th early picks in the second draft, since there are usually some players who are really standing out as good picks still available. I did not have one of those early picks, but I still made out pretty well. Here’s a recap:

15.01 169. Thomas Peterson, Adrian CHI RB
15.02 170. KFFL Martin, David MIA TE 
15.03 171. Fanball Faulk, Kevin NEP RB 
15.04 172. CBS Williamson, Troy MIN WR 
15.05 173. Furrey, Mike DET WR 
15.06 174. Fantasy Index Watson, Kenny CIN RB 
15.07 175. The Huddle Bennett, Michael KCC RB Mon 
15.08 176. Daniels, Owen HOU TE
15.09 177. Yahoo! Sports Snelling, Jason ATL RB
15.10 178. Wade, Bobby MIN WR  – Happy to get him for depth in a PPR league. He could be worth starting as a 4th receiver.
15.11 179. Fantasy Sports Magazine Toomer, Amani NYG WR 
15.12 180. Foxsports Dorsey, DeDe IND RB 
16.01 181. Foxsports Meachem, Robert NOS WR 
16.02 182. Fantasy Sports Magazine Jones, James GBP WR 
16.03 183. Scaife, Bo TEN TE – I have Winslow, but very happy to take Scaife in a PPR league. This guy could catch a ton of passes, in fact he should.  
16.04 184. Yahoo! Sports Crayton, Patrick DAL WR 
16.05 185. Buckhalter, Correll PHI RB 
16.06 186. The Huddle White, Roddy ATL WR 
16.07 187. Fantasy Index Welker, Wes NEP WR 
16.08 188. Campbell, Jason WAS QB 
16.09 189. CBS Davenport, Najeh PIT RB 
16.10 190. Fanball Jarrett, Dwayne CAR WR
16.11 191. KFFL Duckett, T.J. DET RB 
16.12 192. Thomas Sapp, Cecil DEN RB 
17.01 193. Thomas Williams, Demetrius BAL WR 
17.02 194. KFFL Stovall, Maurice TBB WR 
17.03 195. Fanball Henry, Chris CIN WR 
17.04 196. CBS Shipp, Marcel ARI RB 
17.05 197. Jones, Jacoby HOU WR 
17.06 198. Fantasy Index Davis, Craig SDC WR 
17.07 199. The Huddle Olsen, Greg CHI TE 
17.08 200. Perry, Tab CIN WR 
17.09 201. Yahoo! Sports Copper, Terrance NOS WR 
17.10 202. Chatman, Jesse MIA RB  – Someone already took Cecil Sapp (I have Henry), so I had to get this guy.
17.11 203. Fantasy Sports Magazine Johnson, Eric NOS TE 
17.12 204. Foxsports McDonald, Shaun DET WR Mon 
18.01 205. Foxsports Abney, Derek FA WR – Mistake pick, he took Brady Quinn   
18.02 206. Fantasy Sports Magazine Battle, Arnaz SFO 
18.03 207. Garcia, Jeff TBB QB – I have a serious QBBC now but felt good getting Garcia. Now I have Leinart, Schaub, and Garcia. That’s not that bad, although I wish I had a stud.  
18.04 208. Yahoo! Sports Hester, Devin CHI WR 
18.05 209. Packers, Green Bay GBP Def 
18.06 210. The Huddle Rice, Sidney MIN WR 
18.07 211. Fantasy Index Wolfe, Garrett CHI RB 
18.08 212. Northcutt, Dennis JAC WR 
18.09 213. CBS Darby, Kenneth TBB RB 
18.10 214. Fanball Lewis, Marcedes JAC TE 
18.11 215. KFFL Vikings, Minnesota MIN Def 
18.12 216. Thomas Graham, Daniel DEN TE 
19.01 217. Thomas Falcons, Atlanta ATL Def 
19.02 218. KFFL Bush, Michael OAK RB 
19.03 219. Fanball Hicks, Maurice SFO RB 
19.04 220. CBS Jackson, Tarvaris MIN QB 
19.05 221. Booker, Marty MIA WR 
19.06 222. Fantasy Index Rams, St. Louis STL Def 
19.07 223. The Huddle Morris, Maurice SEA RB 
19.08 224. Anderson, Mike BAL RB 
19.09 225. Yahoo! Sports Panthers, Carolina CAR Def 
19.10 226. Moulds, Eric TEN WR  – Again, in a PPR league, this was a pretty good value. Moulds looks like their best receiver, although he might prove to be done once the season starts.
19.11 227. Fantasy Sports Magazine Raiders, Oakland OAK Def 
19.12 228. Foxsports Cardinals, Arizona ARI Def 
20.01 229. Foxsports Miller, Zach OAK TE 
20.02 230. Fantasy Sports Magazine Baskett, Hank PHI WR 
20.03 231. Colts, Indianapolis IND Def  – Was really hoping for Ari, but they went. Indy has actually looked good but I just wanted to finish at this point.
20.04 232. Yahoo! Sports Jones, Greg JAC RB 
20.05 233. Leftwich, Byron JAC QB 
20.06 234. The Huddle Wilford, Ernest JAC WR 
20.07 235. Fantasy Index McNair, Steve BAL QB 
20.08 236. Harrington, Joey ATL QB 
20.09 237. CBS Holmes, Priest KCC RB 
20.10 238. Fanball Jets, New York NYJ Def 
20.11 239. KFFL Culpepper, Daunte OAK QB
20.12 240. Thomas Wright, Jason CLE RB 

Best Picks of this draft:
Owen Daniels
Bobby Wade
Wes Welker
Demetrious Williams
Jacoby Jones
James Jones
Vikings D

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  1. Floyd the Barber says:

    I like the Garcia and Culpepper picks too, especially that late. No risk and HUGE upside.

  2. *Legion* says:

    Having Derek Abney swiped out from under you just two picks away, that’s gotta sting. :)

  3. John Hansen says:

    Yes, someone commented that Derek Abney was this person’s porno name.

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