Don’t Hex Rex just yet

I have some thoughts on Rex Grossman, since it seems some think I am shrinking in his chair a la Fred Flinstone after Grossman’s game on Monday night.

I am not.

First of all, I think the play of Grossman, Jay Cutler, and Vince Young this past weekend were all good examples of one thing I have said over and over again this year: I think it’s very important to get one of the top QBs in 2007. These three young players definitely have potential, but maybe we can’t rely on him just yet. There are many young QBs starting this year – that’s why I think it’s important to roll with one of the top guys.

As for Grossman, keep in mind that at least half of my affinity for him is specifically tied to his value in drafts. If he does crap the bed, I sure hope I don’t see any e-mails from people complaining how they wasted a 12th round, or even a 10th round draft pick on Grossman because that would be pretty ridiculous.   

On Grossman’s play, I thought he had some good moments throwing the ball, and that’s the thing that I focus on when analyzing his fantasy potential. Sure, I was startled by his inability to protect the ball, but we’ve seen guys like Brett Favre and Jon Kitna put up big fantasy numbers while doing a poor job in that department. I also got a sense that the Colts were playing serious D and that the Bears didn’t have all their guns blazing. They didn’t have TE Greg Olsen on the field, and I didn’t see much of Devin Hester when Grossman was in. Grossman’s mechanics did look improved, and his throw to Bernard Berrian, who I really like, was very nice.

You may not like to hear this, but while I certainly want to see Grossman do well and will be miffed if he doesn’t, I won’t lose sleep over my call on him because it’s the right thing to do. This is clearly a player who has excellent potential, and value.

And I’m not going to let one bad quarter in a preseason game sway my opinion on that.

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  1. jbeaupierre says:

    Couldn’t agree more John. All squads just don’t give their all in preseason, so I’m not taking any stock in a bad quarter or half..especially when all your top guns arent playing. I drafted Grossman last year close to the last round last year. His spectacular 1st half of the year allowed me to sucker in a trade for Chester Taylor . Chester had a great year, and Rex’s year tanked after that. I got him for an incredible value, not only did he help me win in the beginning of the year, He got me a nice RB at the right time. I like your predictions on Grossman and Kitna alot.

    Hey, now that LJ is back and has NO wear and tear from preseason, are you still ranking him behind Jackson and Addai?

  2. PackFan says:

    If there is a blueprint for defending the Chicago Bears, we may just see it during Week 1 of the regular season, when the Bears travel to San Diego to play a team whose defense is coordinated by some guy named Ron Rivera. If anyone should have a bead on how to defend Rex, Cedric and company, it may well be the former Bear defensive coach who was fired at the end of last season.

    I agree that Rex may be a good value with a lower round pick … the guy has loads of potential, but like most people who may draft him, I would keep him packed in ice and sitting in the corner for Week 1.

    Also, this will be a true test for Cedric Benson. Will he begin to play like Gale Sayers or Walter Payton, other 4th player selections the Bears have made in past drafts … or, will he look more like the second coming of Ron Dayne, a guy who earned a reputation by running behind a great offensive line in college?

  3. jbeaupierre says:

    PackFan……I greatly appreciate your analysis. Mainly, because I have Cedric on my squad. I think I may sit him the first week. San Diego doesn’t have a good secondary so I think Rex will be okay if he gets protection. Which means Cedric picking up the blitz, which Rivera will surely bring with Merriman and Phillips at his disposable. This could very well be a very early superbowl preview. Should be interesting. On second thought, I believe in Lovie more than Norv so, Cedric will start and he will be running it up the gut alot to shun the blitzing Merriman, who sucks making tackles. Go Bears!!!!

  4. PackFan says:

    Jbeaupierre … Our league drafts the Monday after the preseason ends, and since our team was fortunate enough to have had a good season last year (largely due to following the Guru’s philosophies, plus picks off the Waiver Wire and Stock Watch) we will be drafting last. As John mentions in his 2007 Draft Plan and other writings, we are going to get a good all purpose back at the end of the first round, and because I then draft first in the 2nd round, more than likely Cedric Benson is going to be available, and for me this is a dilema. This guy is in an optimum situation and I would hate to pass on maybe the next Larry Johnson, but I look at his track record and I’m concerned that my 2nd round pick might be outscored by the Bear defense. I don’t know what the heck I’m going to do. Come Game Day I might be rooting right along side you after drinking the Cedric Kool-Aid. And then again, maybe not.

  5. jbeaupierre says:

    I feel you, but what do you draft in?? a 10 or 12 team league or more?? If its a ten team league, you should have a couple more options. I personally think that Benson is in a great situation, and if healthy he will be this years Gore. Chicago is dedicated to the run, you can’t lose with Cedric. McGahee and Maroney are high on my list too, they should be available at that pick. Tough pick to have, good luck.

  6. PackFan says:

    I’m in a 10 team league and as you indicate, there will be many good players to select from. And yes, it would seem as though Benson is in the optimum situation, but his track record bothers me. Two carries in the super bowl (1 fumble lost, 1 knee sprain), an inability to beat out Thomas Jones, and now being handed the job without much competition. But yet, this guy was a stud at Texas (as Dayne was as Wisconsin), and from everything I’ve read he’s having a good camp, so this may very well be the year he breaks out.

    Down the road as the season begins to shake out, there comes a week where if you win, your fantasy team can be in the early season driver’s seat, and you won’t be chasing the leader. To be fortunate enough to be in that position, I’m thinking my 2nd round pick needs to be producing as well as, if not better than my opponents. I know it’s partly a crap shoot, but still, is sure would be nice to have picked the right guy.

    At any rate, good luck this season.

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