Being reactive is good

One thing I’m doing this year is being proactive and wisely reactive with our analysis and rankings based on what’s been happening. For example, I’m a DeAngelo Williams fan and have been since day one. I’ve been on record as saying he’s going to be a good NFL back and a productive fantasy option. But he’s not taking the job, and in fact he’s had a few problems staying healthy, so I’m moving his ass down further and further on my list the deeper and deeper we get into August. I’ve been clear on RB Brandon Jackson’s opportunity and potential this summer, but I refused to get totally behind him because he’s struggling in camp and didn’t distinguish himself in the preseason opener. But after playing better this past weekend, and upon hearing that he’s considered way ahead of Vernand Morency, I’m on board with Jackson, and he may continue to get more and more of a backing by me.

Like I am with NFL players compared to my favorite NFL team, I have no loyalties. I’m not sticking to my guns the way I stubbornly have a few times in the past. My favorite players are the ones who look like they can help fantasy players. If someone does not look useful, I have no use for them.

There’s a fine line between being proactive and being wisely reactive, and not over-reacting or being too reactionary, but I feel pretty good about all the advice and the spins we’re putting on the fantasy landscape this year. The NFL is going to be as unpredictable as ever this year, most likely, but I have a sneaking suspicion that fantasy might be a little easier this year. I’m sure the low number of injuries so far is causing me to feel that way.

But I think it’s going to be a good year for the people who draft wisely this summer.

Two other off-football topics on my mind right now:

  • This time of the year, I look forward to finding 2-3 hours a week to catch a good flick on DVD. It’s a nice escape during a period when I am focusing on football more than any other time. Problem is, there’s nothing out there. Absolutely nothing. Hollywood should be embarrassed by the void of quality flicks out there lately. I think right now, at this very moment, Hollywood is at an all-time low. I do have Black Snake Moan and plan to see that, and I did see and like Zodiac. But other than those two, the stuff out on DVD the last couple of months is incredibly lame. I’d rather watch squirrels fornicate in my backyard than watch that pile of crap movie Road Hogs. Some like that kind of movie because it’s (allegedly) goofy and makes you laugh. I like to laugh – but give me something like Will Ferrell after he just inhaled some chemicals in Old School; not contrived garbage like I’m sure that movie is chock full of. Unless Quentin Tarantino is directing, I have zero interest in anything with John Travolta in it.
  • I gotta say, I think I’d rather be impotent than be one of those guys in the Viva Viagra commercial they’re showing during NFL games this summer. That spot needs to go away now and never return to the airwaves.

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  1. winit4mosi says:


    If you liked Zodiac, then rent “The Lookout.” A really clever thriller. One of the better premises I’ve seen in a movie in a long time.

  2. DENNING says:

    different subject but want to know why you rank the Jags defense so low as compared to other sites like the “Huddle” who rank them as high as 4th.

  3. John Hansen says:

    Jac was 27th in our site default scoring system, so that would be quite a leap of faith to move them up that high. They dont get a lot of sacks, and they had 4 measly fumble recoveries last year. Only 1 defensive TD. Good NFl defense, average fantasy D.

  4. *Legion* says:

    Just like in music, the best work being done in film is out on the independent fringes, where the cost of gear has gone from prohibitively expensive to downright nothing in the past 10 years.

    But forget that, I’ve been dying all weekend to see the high schoolers fantasy draft. It’s the only fantasy football story that I was able to get my wife interested in this week. :)

  5. blogginator says:

    Hey John, check out this flick on YouTube for free: “America: From Freedom to Fascism”
    Then you’ll wonder why you pay taxes on my subscription fees ;)

    Part 1:

    After that click on part 2, etc., just below the Youtube video screen. Total time is about 1hr 45 minutes in 11 parts.

  6. John Hansen says:

    Sorry, the draft got reschedule to Friday night. I guess I will try to do it while hosting the sirius radio show. Young punks.

  7. blogginator says:

    Haa…funny. Looks like the whippersnappers got word that a ringer was lurking. :)

  8. CFPGator says:

    John, your comments about the state of movies is how many of us feel about the current state of music. Pure garbage, not much new and good coming out, “artists” trying to be new and “cutting edge” by doing crazy stuff that sounds like crap.

  9. jbeaupierre says:

    gotta agree about both the music and the movies. 300 was a great flick though. It is a struggle to listen to the radio and hear the same five songs played over and over and over again.

    On a positive note, I see you are starting up the chat on friday John. Just in time, I have two of my important drafts this weekend. Catch you in the chat room.

  10. oscar98 says:

    I generally agree on the movie and music front with all of you. That said, if you haven’t seen “Apocalypto,” you are gravely missing out. That was the most intense movie I’ve seen in a very long time. Your ladies might not like all of the violence, but mine didn’t… though she’s cool like that. I’m glad I saw that one in the theater, but as soon as it came out on DVD, I made sure to get it.

    I saw ‘Flags of our Fathers’ and ‘Letters from Iwo Jima’ in theaters, too. Also great movies. If you watch Flags first, there are one or two well done links that Eastwood does to connect the two movies. If you aren’t paying attention in both, though, you might miss them.

    ‘300’ was very good, too. I’ll eventually purchase that DVD as well…

    The plus side of the weakness of recent movies is that I’ve gotten to put a lot of older movies in my Netflix cue that I’d never seen. Just scanning the last 20 movies or so we’ve seen, I highly recommend these:

    Casino Royale… actually fairly new. Very different from past Bond movies, and I really enjoyed it.

    The Last King of Scotland… okay, another not so old movie. Worth the viewing.

    Blood Diamonds… Again, not too old I guess. The DiCaprio-Connely relationship was a little ridiculous, but it was a fairly accurate rendering of the RUF guerrillas and the brutality of the Sierra Leone civil war.

    Donnie Brasco… I’d never seen it. Very good.

    Empire of the Sun… 80s Spielberg movie about ex-pat british-citizen turned Japanese POWs in WWII China.

    Miami Vice… A friend told me to watch it, and I was pleasantly surprised. Michael Mann knows how to do gun fights (see Heat)

    Lonesome Dove


    Tora! Tora! Tora!

    Lawrence of Arabia

    Waiting for Guffman

    Ghost Dog, The Way of the Samurai

  11. oscar98 says:

    (Edit) My wife DID like Apocalypto.

  12. Logan says:

    I do have to say that it’s absolutely incorrect to say “there’s nothing out there.”

    Summer months get summer theatrical and DVD releases – you’re not going to get anything other than most popcorn flicks during that time.

    But here’s a list of DVDs that I consider to be must-haves for the more “cerebral” genres.

    — SPARTAN: Yes, Val Kilmer is usually a good indication to walk away. Ignore that impulse on this one. It’s an excellent “thriller” that’s far too smart to be called one.

    — BRICK: For $500,000, this film was shot and earned a Grand Jury selection at Sundance for Originality of Vision. In a nutshell, imagine straight up film-noir, but in a high school setting. Now add Deadwood-esque dialogue.

    — The BOURNE trilogy: The best summer movie you’re going to see in the theatres this year for ULTIMATUM, and BOURNE IDENTITY and BOURNE SUPREMACY are about as solid as it gets.

    — CASINO ROYALE: I’ve felt blah about every Bond movie since NEVER SAY NEVER AGAIN, and now this one has taken the throne. I’m not nostalgic enough to be married to any Bond, and I just go for the best made one. Daniel Craig is the best acted Bond out there, and this film could have made big money even if it wasn’t apart of the franchise.

    — 3:10 TO YUMA will be out September 7th if you’ve got time to hit the theatres. I’ve got a great feeling about that one.

    — OCEAN’S ELEVEN/THIRTEEN – TWELVE was boring and disjointed. The first and third are quite smooth.

    — DEXTER Season One – just got released on DVD. This is top tier priority for my DVR, right above HEROES and just below THE WIRE.

    — SPOOKS (MI:5 in the USA) – Sort of the BBC’s answer to 24 (which might actually be bigger in the UK than here, people are ferocious about it), it’s a great episodic show that has a little more leeway with subject matter than the average US network show. It’s very well done, and there’re around five “series” out (each being ten full-hour episodes).

    That’s all I’ve got, top of my head. Though I’m sure if I thought about it, I could throw out more.

  13. bcareless says:

    I have to agree with you about that viagra commercial. The only thing more embarrasing than singing about viagra is having to call the doctor after the viagra has worked too well and caused one of those four hour erections. And by the way, I’m calling someone other than my doctor.

  14. John Hansen says:

    Thanks for the tips on the movies. I do think there is some really, really good music lately. Maybe it’s me and I’m mellowing out, but I have been listing to nothing but the following the last few months.

    The Shins
    The Decemberists
    Death Cab for Cutie

    These are all indie type bands but they are all incredible. Granted, my wife isn’t feeling spoon at all, but I love them.

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