Scouting your team’s future with TiVo

by Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger

If you are hardcore about your football, you’ve probably done everything in your power to get the NFL Sunday Ticket on DirecTv (which comes with the NFL Network), and hopefully you have a TiVo at your disposal. These tools allow you to be your own scout as you prepare for your keeper league draft. Pretty much every preseason game is televised (most on tape delay) for you to digest, but who has 48 hours a week to view all of these games? With the magic of TiVo, 7-8 hours per week should be all you need to have something to say about each player you decide to draft or pass over. 

Like a maniac, I’ve got the remote ready to roll- fast forwarding at double speed to the end of each play and quickly tapping the play button to bounce it right back to the spot when the snap takes place. I can get through a full game in just about 30 minutes. In the preseason, I decide which players I want to scout and if a team doesn’t have anyone I want film on, I zip through the offensive series without stopping.  Since I like the idea of staying married, I cannot watch college football every Saturday (since my wife becomes a football widow on Sundays, Monday night, and now many Thursday nights,) so I really know very little about the rookie crop of players until the NFL preseason begins. I figure it’s better to see these players against the big boys instead of the kids they sparred with during college anyway.  Scouting isn’t really all that difficult if you decide what you want to look for. Some things I find important are: explosiveness more than actual yards gained, the ‘it’ or ‘wow’ factor, how quickly a player goes down after contact, how well a QB plays under pressure, how a RB catches the ball, and footwork on WRs.  If your league requires you to keep a large amount of players or if it’s a dynasty league, odds are that your fellow owners draft rookies right away. It’s awesome to have a great resource like the Guru, but why not add a little scouting of your own? If you are totally strapped for time, just tape the games of specific players you are considering drafting and watch only their plays. In the box score, you might see a RB have 6 carries for 13 yards and say that the player is useless, but if you watch the tape, you might see that he often made defenders miss and the blocking was just poor that day. What are you waiting for? Get that TiVo fired up and start setting it to tape games this weekend. The one I definitely won’t miss is the Tampa Bay/Miami game- I really want to see which Cadillac Williams to expect this year

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  1. winit4mosi says:

    They rerun most of the preseason games on NFL network, so sooner or later you get to see most of the players you’re scouting. I just caught Grossman last night, and I can see what the fuss is about, he’s throwing with much more confidence.

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