Major Test on Sunday Night

I’ve got a draft on Sunday night, and I’m scared as hell. I’ve competed with the experts for many years, and if you ask them all right after forcing them to take a truth serum, they’d tell you that they fear me. Some have been honest enough to admit it, some deny it. But they know going in that I’m probably going to be in the mix at the end.

Sunday’s draft, however, has me up at night already. The only way I can even maintain my fantasy football dignity is by winning the league. If I don’t dominate the league, I’ll be ashamed of myself. That’s pressure.

So why is there so much pressure on me? That’s because I’m competing against a group of 15 year-old High School sophomores. My kid, still 14, is in a fantasy baseball league with a bunch of kids from his HS baseball team. He’s doing well, in 2nd place and right on the top teams heals, but he doesn’t follow the league all that much. He’s a classic example of how you can win in fantasy baseball if you are relentless, borderline obsessive, about working the WW and constantly massaging your team.

However, he doesn’t know the NFL all that much, so he’s asked me to draft his team for him. Maybe the kids in the league won’t know I’m actually drafting, but it’s still going to be quite an embarrassment for me and my kid if he/we don’t make a strong showing. As I said, I think my reputation will be tarnished forever if I don’t kill these kids. I’m pretty well-known in the Philly/Jersey area from all the TV and radio I do, so again, I can only lose here.

The problem with the league is that I have no idea how these kids will draft, so it will be a good test. Someone may take Vince Young in the 2nd round, I don’t know. My strategy is to not let the potentially crazy picks distract me and to simply let the value come to me. I’ll be taking as many studs as I can, regardless of position because I’m sure I’ll be able to steal several good players. We are, however, in Eagle country, so I won’t be getting any good values from Philly.

I’ll be posting the draft and some thoughts on it on Monday, so look for that. This should be interesting.

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  1. kmonty says:

    Nice post… this definitely brought a few laughs. Can’t wait to see the results.

    Hopefully your son hasn’t tipped them off that his dad owns a premium fantasy football site… then you might just end up drafting against a bunch of guys thinking exactly as you do. :)


  2. Flizzo says:

    Great post!

    Smoke those punks. That’s the age when the confidence is getting a LITTLE too high for its own good.

    Your son excluded, of course.

  3. jbeaupierre says:

    Too funny John. You should make your son draft though. Tell him to read up on Dad’s site, and that’s all he should need. But make sure you are there when he tries to pull the trigger on Eli in the 5th round..haha. Have fun whooping on the the rugrats!!!

    On a different note, when does the weekly chat start up. Are you gonna do any before the season starts for draft advice??

  4. Celsior says:

    Wow, they do start young. I’ve got my first baby (a boy) on the way. Any thoughts on how young a kid should get started in fantasy football?

  5. winit4mosi says:

    Draft his team for him? I suppose you spray painted those Styrofoam ball planets for his third grade solar system science fair project, too?!! For shame, Mr. Hansen!! Now go wipe his chin and cut his meat.

  6. NYBrewCrew says:

    I can see what you mean. I have a yahoo league with a bunch of Soccer teammates. One out of the group knows his stuff. the rest are very casual NFL fans and even less FF players. Last year I finished 12-2 but lost on a fluke to a 9-5 team.

    About drafting his team. I don’t think he will gain experience with you drafting him. I would take a coach approach see who his guys are and let him feel his way through the draft.

  7. John Hansen says:

    I actually don’t do much else for him. I didn’t ask him once if he did his homework last year and he goes to a tough college prep school (and got 90+ in every class).

    In this case it’s simple. He wants to win, bottom line, whatever the cost, so I can’t blame him. He can go it on his own, go 6-10 and take his lumps, or get me to do the work for him and likely kick ass. Kind of smart, especially since he watches about 9 minutes of football per year, Super Bowl included. That’s the thing, he could care less about the NFL or football, he just wants to win. Couple of years ago, he made the county football all star team, got a cool all star jersey with his name for the all star game.  He declined, he was happy the season was over (he stopped playing last year, gotta love it to play in HS).

  8. John Hansen says:

    >Any thoughts on how young a kid should get started in fantasy football?

    I wouldn’t force it on him, that’s for sure. Keep him around you and hope he picks up on it, but if you force it on him, he’ll likely rebel, especially after he’s 12-13.

  9. pawlow34 says:

    Wow, that’s pretty funny. Good luck! (I hope you’re not charging your son for the subscription!)

    Do you know where you are drafting? Do you have any vibe this year where the best spot to draft is in the typical 12 team league? (assuming #1 or #2 aren’t an option).

  10. mvuinc says:

    Uh oh…watch out for those kids! Be sure to post about the difference in draft strategies amongst the kids. Hehehehe.

  11. jbeaupierre says:

    No interest in football??!! Blasphemy!!!!! LOL. The best sport in the world, hands down. I understand the sentiment. Kids that age get razzed for anything. I can hear it now……”I beat you guys and the most football I watch is the Superbowl commercials”. Have fun with it, make sure you draft some of your “play to win” guys like Benson. He is this year’s Gore in my opinion.

  12. yuke says:

    John- Maybe your son can take over the “Stock Watch” for baseball next year, that Gill guy stinks. Hiring a WVU “graduate” is never a wise move.

  13. rcs8200 says:

    i remember watching The Guru on king arthur’s roundtable religiously as a kid.

  14. rcs8200 says:

    haha whose makin fun of mike gil? not cool

  15. blogginator says:

    Hey John, what were the results? Dying to know.

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