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Popping in to let people know I have another “Expert Draft” tonight, and this one is important because it’s the first one I’ve done since training camps opened up, so it will be interesting. I will whip up an analysis of the draft ASAP and will have it up on the site tomorrow. Last year in this league, I had the top team entering the playoffs but lost in the semis. The year before I was average, and the year before that I won it.

BTW, I have the 8th pick in the league, and it’s not a PPR league. I’m hoping no one in the league reads this, but I’m likely going to pull the trigger on Travis Henry and Cedric Benson if I can. That is a potentially devastating backfield – but one with a little downside.

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  1. Flizzo says:

    Good luck in the draft. I’m looking forward to seeing your coverage as I have my major draft on Saturday. Lots of little developments lately…

  2. jbeaupierre says:

    Good luck John. If anyone watched the Broncos preseason game in your draft, I doubt Henry will last to the 8th pick. Looks like he is gonna be a beast in that offense. Looking ofrward to seeing the results.

  3. John Hansen says:

    I posted the results in the mock draft analysis section, it was actually a 14-teamer, so I went Westbrook and Chad Johnson.

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