I’m not hating the player but…

We’ve received a few e-mails this off-season about Vince Young, and how we’re way off questioning his leadership and our claim that he feels he’s already arrived (when he really hasn’t). Well, unfortunately for Young, his weekend kind of legitimizes that claim.

According to The Tennessean, Young spent this past Friday night at home instead of at the team hotel where he was supposed to be. He’s supposed to be a team leader, if not THE leader on this team, and he wasn’t in uniform for their first 2007 game. That’s not good. I’ve also heard stories of how he takes a limo to and from practice all the time. I’ve been at NFL complexes for practice; you see nothing but expensive sportscars and SUVs in the parking lot. In other words, these guys drive themselves. There’s nothing evil about taking a limo to practice, but it doesn’t sit well.

Unfortunatley, the comparison to Michael Vick will always pop into people’s minds. There are some similarities, but it’s way too unfair to make the connection at this stage, especially when you’re talking about criminal acts. But here’s hoping Young learns from Vick’s mistakes. 

You haven’t arrived yet, Vince, and when your career is long over, the NFL will be rolling along, as strong as ever.

Oh, and I’m not going to draft you this year.

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  1. whitetick says:

    Thank you for being one of the few media members who have not annointed Young as a great qb already. The guy has only played half a season yet most of the media is already talking about how he’s going to change the league. Hmm, what happens when defenses focus on stopping his running and he actually has to throw the ball? His receivers are garbage, his running backs are ordinary at best, and the defense is horrible. I can’t wait for one of my leagues owners to jump on this train wreck waiting to happen.

  2. CRUZAN says:

    Mr. Hansen,

    This is a fantasy football site which means that unless I get six points for “leadership” in my league, I could frankly care less if Vince Young arrives in a Bradley Fighting Vehicle with a clutch of hookers in tow. I’m sure the “your off my board!” announcement will send poor VY into a flat spin.

    A discussion of his projected TDs & yards might be a wee more germaine than pettifogging the fact that VY stayed in his house rather than a hotel before a pre-season game.

    Sir, drag yourself off the fainting couch and please provide some useful fantasy football insights.

  3. LemurLepke says:

    John and co. have been pretty forthcoming about VY’s statistical projections since the beginning of the off-season. They’re predicting him to be the 12th highest fantasy QB in WCOFF scoring as of right now, surely a nod to his skill and potential.

    However they’ve also harped repeatedly on two major factors working against him in a fantasy sense. One, that he’s lost two of his biggest assets on the offensive side, namely Travis Henry and Drew Bennett. Two, that he’s going way too early in many drafts compared to where they’re ranking him. Mr. Horn has pointed out that as of right now he’s usually the 9th QB taken, which may be within fair value range, but also in many drafts some owners are drafting him 30 picks higher.

    Add that to the fact that John is getting bad vibes about his off field activities, and that defenses are sure to plan around his running ability, and you have a QB that has at least a few warning signs. Could he become a huge fantasy force this year? Sure. Could he also fall off considerably? Without a doubt.

  4. wetzelja says:

    CRUZAN, you don’t think you should factor leadership and other non-statistical issues into your fantasy football analysis?

    Hope Michael Vick, Ricky Williams, Chris Henry, etc were never cornerstones of your keeper league.

    2 points for using “germane” in your comment, -2 for spelling it wrong.

    Keep the great analysis coming, John

  5. Hardcore says:

    Maybe he meant former Buckeye and Ram Joe Germaine.

    I’m still trying to figure out what pettifogging is. Sounds dirty.

  6. NYBrewCrew says:

    I haven’t drafted Young in any of my leagues. he is going Way to high and I don’t understand why. He has a poor receiving corp. and questions in the RB’s plus he’s still inexperience. Don’t know why hes being taken as if he were going to pass for 4,000 yards and 30+ TDs.

    Madden Curse also is something to be cautious about.

  7. Tom44 says:

    The one qualm that I have with TGR’s Vince Young projection is the rushing stats. McNabb and Garcia are each projected to have 3 TDs on the ground, while Young is only projected to score 4. Personally, I’d bump that number to 6 or 7. I also see the potential for 800+ yards on the ground – especially given the weak WRs not getting open consistently.

    On my draft list, that puts Young in the top 8 at the position and I’d be more than happy to take him as a fall-back position if I don’t get one of the top 7.

    Problem #1: My rushing projections are probably on the high side.
    Problem #2: Risks…injury, sophomore slump, defensive game-planning, etc.
    Problem #3: I’ve seen him ranked pretty highly in some places so he’s just as likely to be there as not.

    The bottom line is that I have no problem drafting him because I can see the upside – especially on the ground – but his ADP varies so widely and is skewed toward the high side.

  8. jbird669 says:

    He’s also on the cover of Madden 08, and that precedes this. That rules him out of my draft altogether.

  9. jbeaupierre says:


    Maybe you are a rookie in this fantasy stuff. You should know that off field issues do have bearing on fantasy value. This is a blog section, and not a projection site. The projections for Young have been up for a long time. Maybe you just have issues navigating through a website.
    Things like taking a limo to work, and getting an inflated ego, can cause your teammates to resent you, and not put out 100% effort for you on the field, causing your numbers to suffer.

    As for me, I wouldn’t draft him because of one thing…the Madden curse. Alexander screwed me up last year. Never picking anyone on the madden cover again. Keep up the good work John.

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