Have we made fantasy too complicated?

We had former 49er DB Merton Hanks, who is a huge fantasy player and even busted out jargon like PPR, on the Sirius Radio show last night and I asked him about dealing with the matchups in terms of a secondary vs. a receiving corps, or a CB vs. a WR. He had an interesting response. He said he looks at the matchups in a much more general way. Instead of looking specifically at the individual matchups, he looks first at the divisions and if a division as a whole is playing poorly, he’ll start players playing against the division.

Now, Hanks certainly knows football – I recently saw a clip of him picking off John Elway in a big game and running it in for a TD – and he also knows fantasy, as evidenced by his obvious knowledge on the subject. I’m certainly not going to use his methods as my main determinate, but I will consider it now.

Maybe we’re over-complicating fantasy and the matchups? Maybe we get so aggravated when the unexpected happens because we’re trying to peel too many layers off the onion? As I think back, fantasy was less complicated back in the day – and we were less sophisticated as fantasy players. Maybe it’s not a coincidence? Maybe the keep-it-simple-stupid angle is one we need to embrace a little more.

Just food for thought on a Saturday…

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  1. Miles to Go says:

    I have to agree with Hanks there. I have done the same thing in the past. When I look at the schedule and see that a player has a weak division on the schedule, I will certainly look at getting that player. It’s not the first thing I do, but it has helped. I think I pulled that one off with Dom Davis in his heyday, since he racked up major weeks against the AFC South a couple years ago, when the rest of the division couldn’t stop the run.

  2. bop says:

    Who’s Merton Hanks?

  3. John Hansen says:

    He was a 4-time All Pro DB for the 49ers. One of the better players in the league in the early-to-mid 90s.

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