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I don’t have much today, since we’re working on a larger update for tomorrow (Rankings, Cheat Sheet, Battles, ADP, and more), but what I do have could be very significant – and it’s not something that is “out there.”

I’ve mentioned many times how Henry is one-and-done for the year in the NFL’s Substance Abuse policy. However, I have recently come into some interesting information. The Denver Post reported back in March that Henry has been trouble-free since the drug incident two years ago, and that he will rotate out of the league’s drug program after the 3rd game of the upcoming season.  This means that a failed test after that point would not result in a suspension.

I have not 100% confirmed this, but my guy in Denver, who covers the team, has told me that as far as he knows this information is 100% accurate. If it’s true, as long as Henry keeps his nose clean between now and Week Three, all worries about a suspension will be over.

So, if you want to be kind of a jerk in your league, I would make it a point to let everyone know that the prevailing information is that Henry is one drug incident from being suspended for the whole season (again, if this info is correct Henry technically would be through Week Three).

If that information causes Henry to slip to Round Two, then you’re going to get a great value.

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  1. wooriginal says:

    Great tip…

    Hey on another note – I was in a mock draft today (not feeling as prepared as usualy in early August) and as the later rounds approached (passing the 8th round) I was shifting to seeking upside running backs… I WAS LOST. Is there anything out there that details the best late round UPSIDE running backs?

  2. deputy says:

    This has to be the greatest tidbit ever! :) My league will totally take this to heart.

    Ahh, it’s worth a shot right?

    Thanks John.

  3. nyftblgiants says:

    I have Henry on my roster from last year’s keeper league team. We have to keep two players. At this point I’m aiming on Henry and Holt to keep as those are the best I have at each position. My other starting back last year was C. Taylor.

    I entered this keeper league going into the 2005 season. I inherited my team from the last place finisher. Last year I had things turned around and finished one spot out of the playoffs…so this year i need to make that push.

    Assuming rounds 1&2 are keeper rounds, I look at Henry as a 3rd or 4th round guy, but see him generally higher in most pre-season publications. Is Henry worth keeping in a 12 man league (19 spots per team, I know its huge) where two keepers are required?

    I’m trying to trade with LT’s owner. He’s eligible and can’t be kept again this season. He wants Henry my first (3rd) and third (5th) round picks after keeper rounds for LT and his 2nd. I think its too much to give up.

  4. John Hansen says:

    I think Henry is a 2-year keeper, can’t assume much beyond 2008, and of course even in 2008 if he has injuries this year.

  5. nyftblgiants says:

    Thanks! Looks like I’m keeping Henry and Holt…good news that his knee is ok, but I also saw a fumble in that game, which has been a problem for him in the past. I don’t draft in this league until 8/31 so I still have time to keep an eye out. Looks like the injuries might already be in the mix…if I can shave off the later round pick in the LT trade, I’m doing it…

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