I’ve seen FantasyGuru.com…and it is good

I got done something for the site last night at around 1:30 am, and as I cruised around the Web site, I think I felt a little like the man upstairs on the 7th day. I saw it, and it was good.

We get a lot of compliments on the site from readers, but I always feel a little odd getting them because I’m never fully satisfied. I guess I know what my (extremely high) expectations are and the readers do not, so it’s all good for them (or you). But I have to say, I’m closer to being satisfied than ever. I think, 3-4 years ago, people subscribed to our site despite the fact that we were a little behind with the technology and stuff. But now, I think we’re right there with anyone else, if not ahead. I have to thank our programmer Jeff Mitchell – who is the F-ing man – for a lot of this, but full time staffers Bill LeConey and our new hire, Arnold “Zap” Zappasodi, have been instrumental in the site’s progress – not to mention all the part-time contributors we have, including Dom Korbel, Mike Horn, Tom Simons, and Tim O’Malley.

I thought today I’d take the time to go over some of the features of the site for those who aren’t really hip to what we have. Basically, I want to go over what I saw last night, and why I felt that it “was good.”

One thing we did last night was populate a new database of player profiles. They are mostly from the magazine, but we went through and added about 100 more players and updated some of them. You can access the landing page for all the profiles here:


So from there I clicked on Tom Brady, here: http://www.fantasyguru.com/football/subscribers/ftdb.php?page=playerstats&mode=profile&pid=716

That brings you to Tom Brady’s player page on our site. You can access this from teams, by clicking on his name in our projections, even by clicking on his name in many of our articles. So say you want to do some research on Tom Brady. You end up on this page, and you read our player profile/scouting report on Brady. From here you can click on the “recent news” tab and see what’s up with Brady lately. You can also Click on the “detailed projection” tab and see all our projections for Brady, including things like projected number of 300 yard passing games and a breakdown of the projected distances of his projected TDs. If you want to see all his stats from previous years, that’s all there, too. We also have a thing called “community rating” which hasn’t exactly taken off, but you can rate Brady 1-10 and your rating will be saved and affect Brady’s community rating.

This is just one aspect of what we have. We also have team information. Say you want some info on the Broncos. You go to “teams” and click on them, which is here: http://www.fantasyguru.com/football/subscribers/ftdb.php?page=teamstats&tid=DEN

From here you can see team leaders from the last five years, team game logs for the last five years, and fantasy points allowed by position for the last five years. You can even see recent newspaper articles about the Broncos that we automatically pull in from a variety of sources.

This is all database driven stuff, and it’s all connected. I’m not even going to get into the benefits of “My Guru” and the other tools, but you can see how that all works here: http://www.fantasyguru.com/football/subscribers/articles/2007help.php

Sortable Depth Charts, this blog, video reports, customized 1-page or more cheat sheets, the trade analyzer, and the weekly roster picker, and I’m working on a Podcast for subscribers only. Other than a few malcontents who will come out when they start losing, our MBs are probably the best on the Internet, and it’s a great community. There’s a lot of stuff here.

My goal with this site is pretty simple: I want to appease the hardcore fans. If we are, then we’ll be more than fine, and I thinkg we’re more than fine. I also don’t want to be the only reason this site is successful. I want to get to a place here where people can ignore every single thing I say and still derive a ton value here at fantasyguru.com

We are getting very close to being at that point, if we’re not there already. If that’s the case, then everything I bring to the table is only icing on the cake.

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  1. PackFan says:

    John – a big THANK YOU to you and your staff.

    This indeed is the best site for NFL football junkies 12 months a year, and you are right … FantasyGuru continues to get better and better.

    Keep up the good work! We appreciate it.

  2. gators1996champs says:

    I agree, thanks for all your hard work John! I love this site, in my 10 years of playing fantasy football I have had my most success since finding this site! I love the “Draft Plan” article, great stuff!


  3. blogginator says:

    John, you’re way ahead of the game. My expectations were exceeded about 2 years ago. Like you say, the rest is icing. Glad u have player stats too. Other sites deleted them. Even for 2006.

  4. deputy says:

    John (and all the FG Staff),

    I have paid for Fantasy Football services in the past and I can say honestly – that FantasyGuru.com is MILES ahead of anything I’ve used before (even the big names out there). The quality of this site and the quantity of information that’s available here (I’m an excel junkie) is top notch.

    Thanks for your hard work and for always striving to be the leader of the pack!

  5. jbird669 says:

    Your website is better than any fantasy site in ANY sport, IMO.

    Is that Bill Leconey formerly of the AC Press? When I worked for the AC Boardwalk Bullies a Bill Leconey covered the team.

  6. ditka85 says:

    Hey John, does Pianowski offer any insight on the football side of FantasyGuru anymore?

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