Bad Vibes are also being formed

I will hold off on calling the recent injury tidbits on T.O., Travis Henry, and Cedric Benson has bad vibes because it’s way too early. But I have to say, while I was really happy with our Values & Players to Target article, I’m getting some bad vibes and feelings about many of the guys, at least they are mostly the low-end guys. Here are the guys I’m considering yanking off the list.

Vernand Morency – The only reason he was even on the list was because he was someone you could get a couple of rounds after Brandon Jackson, who I like as much or better than Morency. Obviously, Morency’s knee injury is a big problem, but I think based on what Jackson has shown so far that Morency would be the starter if healthy, so I will keep him on the the list for now. 

Chris Brown – I’m a little surprised LenDale White is getting the big chance he is, but I do have a sense that this could be his last chance and that he knows it. I know head coach Jeff Fisher is aggravated by White. On the other hand, I have to understand White has some talent and he’s a younger and better long-term prospect than Brown. And I guess you have to recognize that Brown is a guy they discarded last year and only re-signed late in the game this off-season.

Brandon Jones – He’s been a little dinged up and they signed Eric Moulds, plus there’s a serious logjam at receiver and Courtney Roby is making some noise. My sense is that with Moulds signed Roby is getting a chance because he has good speed, and that’s a missing element in this offense with Moulds and Jones seemingly atop the depth chart.

Drew Carter – I like him, but now I’m hearing a lot of good things about Keary Colbert in camp, and Dwayne Jarrett has been solid. My sense now is that Carter’s going to be hard-pressed to make a big splash, so use only a very late pick on him.

Santana Moss – This is a big one, and it’s 100% injury-related. If he has any other issues in camp, I’m taking him off the list. I have already lowered his projections and ranking.

Ronald Curry – Nothing against Curry, but Daunte Culpepper has been a WR-killer the last two years, and I think C-Pep will play this year.

But let’s keep something in mind: while the info is flowing now in the preseason, it’s still very early. There’s been only one preseason game played. Talk to me in 2-3 weeks and I could be feeling better about these guys. I need to value my first impression, and my first impression on all of these guys was good, which is why they made it to the list to begin with.

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  1. mvuinc says:

    I am avoiding Santana Moss like the plague as well. He’s just too inconsistent…

    Michael Vu

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  2. Fridge says:

    As an avid Titans fan, I can say that both Courtney Roby and Roydell Williams passed Brandon Jones earlier in the off-season on the depth chart and in development. I think a lot of this has to do with the fact that Jones is coming back from a knee injury. In all events, I think Moulds’ signing probably hurts all of the Titans’ receivers for fantasy purposes: I suspect you’ll see Young spread the ball around, to the extent that he isn’t running around.

    Final note: although I’m not sure you’ll need to draft him, watch Ben Troupe early this year to see if he’s getting involved in the offense. . . he might be worth a pick-up.

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