Moulds, McCardell, Meaningless

Okay, so maybe they’re not totally meaningless, but I’m not too concerned about the additions of Eric Moulds and Keenan McCardell in terms of the potential of the younger receivers on the Titans and Texans. In Tennessee, Moulds will give them a veteran presence, and that was needed with the injury to David Givens and the youth they have elsewhere at the position. But I’m not too worried about Brandon Jones. I like Jones, but I don’t have any delusions about him emerging as a major fantasy force. He’s a nice guy to grab for depth, and he still is. Moulds should, however, make all other Titan wideouts irrelevant. As for McCardell, he didn’t just hit a wall last year – he slammed into it. I really don’t think he has much left in the tank, but I certainly understand why he was brought in. The Texans have an incredibly weak receiving corps after stud Andre Johnson, so guys like Kevin Walter and especially Jacoby Jones should benefit from the veteran’s presence.

A couple of other points:

  • Good news that Bill RB Marshawn Lynch reported on time and is signed up. I fully expect him to have a very large role, so he won’t be behind the 8-ball. I was also glad to see one of my favorite deep sleepers, Kenny Irons, reporting on time.  
  • QB Brady Quinn’s holdout could linger, since his camp feels he should have been drafted higher. If it goes even 1-2 weeks, that will make it impossible to open the season as the starter.
  • Speaking of holdouts, Larry Johnson’s will officially be underway today. No one knows how far this will go, but now that it will be official very soon, I’m thinking it’s going to go far. Not a huge deal just yet, however.
  • Again with the holdouts, there won’t be a key one in St. Louis, since the Rams wisely open the wallets for QB Marc Bulger.
  • Early reports out of Dallas are favorable. QB Tony Romo appears to be still working on his timing with the receivers (it’s more of a timing-based system), but Dallas is the first team this summer in which I have “good vibes.”

Finally, a couple of non-football topics:

If you’ve liked my musical recommendations in the past and haven’t heard of this band, definitely check them out: Spoon. It’s interesting these days with these bands with members who are getting a little older, in their 30s, because they are clearly drawing on a lot from rock’s 50+ year history. Spoon has a little Stones, Squeeze, and maybe even some Billy Joel on some tracks. Others have compared the Indie rockers to the Pixies. They are raw, yet produced, basic, yet complex. I’m all over the vibe they are putting out, that’s for sure. I’ve just been introduced to the new record, and I like all the tracks, but if you want to listen to a few before you buy, these are my favorites.

You got Yr. Cherry Bomb
Rhthm and Soul
The Underdog (on the radio some now)
Don’t you Evah

Got a weight loss update. Got on the scale today: 200 pounds. I’ve reached my seemingly unreachable goal. I dropped 40 pounds. It’s really 30 from what I’ve typically been, since I was 10 over my usual weight, but I’m amazed I was able to do this. My keys were:

  1. Worked out 4-5X a week for 60-70 minutes since 1/2/07. 30 minutes weights, 35-40, cardio.
  2. Ate less. Still consumed some less-than-favorable foods, but less of them. No eating at night, not as much beer, and avoided breads and sweets, though not totally.
  3. Set a realistic goal. I wanted to lose 5 lbs a month. I lost just under 6. Seriously, if you really want to lose weight, you should be able to lose about a pound a week.  If you can’t, you’re really just not trying.

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  1. Autumn Thunder says:


    Nice job with the weight loss. I follow the same type of pattern, but it is amazing what happens when you eliminate junk from your diet.

    I am down 8 pounds in 4 weeks. Keep up the good work.

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