Something going on with Priest

There was a report (“breaking story” they called it) Tuesday night on 610 Sports, one of KC’s sports talk radio stations, that Priest Holmes is undergoing medical evaluations, and that if he passes one final test on Wednesday the 25th, he will be officially cleared to begin practicing with the Chiefs. Rhonda Moss, the local reporter who broke this story, claims that the Chiefs are planning to use Holmes as a “3rd down back” this season–assuming of course he passes the final medical exam and is cleared to practice.

If Holmes is cleared to practice….wow, that would be huge news and a blow to Larry Johnson’s negotiating power. It would also be one of the most interesting stories we’ve seen in quite some time. Johnson’s career was put on hold by Holmes, and if this story ends up having legs, then Holmes could possibly slow down Johnson’s negotiations and possible even limit the $ he commands. Of course, if he fails the test, all of this will be quickly forgotten, but after sniffing around a little, it looks like there’s something going on with Priest. 

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  1. Flizzo says:

    That is shocking and very cool to hear! Might be time to add another “must-have” handcuff to your list!

  2. deputy says:

    This is a great tidbit to have. I’m actually going to jump on it to get other managers in my league scared to draft LJ – thereby hoping I could possibly get him at great value.

    Still though…does Holmes have legs to run – even as a 3rd Down Back?

  3. John Hansen says:

    Keep in mind this could turn out to be nothing, but something’s up here.

  4. NYBrewCrew says:

    I’m glad we will know before my drafts!

  5. deputy says:

    I’m glad that it still might be a question by the time my league drafts :)

  6. ditka85 says:

    He’s been waiting for medical clearance for 2 years now and he’s 33. Smells like a front office snow job with Peterson attempting to water down LJ’s bargaining power.

  7. winit4mosi says:

    This could also result in a Larry Johnson trade demand. Priest Holmes is a shadow of his former self, and the brooding Mr. Johnson does not want to split time with the man that he believes is not his equal. Watch the NFL network special about Draft Bargains, I believe it’s one of those “Top Ten” list shows. LJ is still bitter about where he fell in the draft. Priest won’t affect how LJ perceives
    his own self worth. The only way LJ stays in KC with Priest, is if they back up the Brinks truck. If the Chiefs don’t pony up, then he’ll demand a trade. Bank on it.

  8. winit4mosi says:

    All the more reason for them to part ways with LJ. LJ is a malcontent, and if Priest is healthy enough, maybe the Pack will part with Brandon Jackson and a first round pick next year for LJ. Jackson could be the back of the future, and Larry the Grouch could freeze his frown off at Lambeau.

    Right…’ll never happen.

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