It’s your ‘Turn’ to get a starting running back for 2008

By Jim Coventry, Guest Blogger

As you are having the supplemental draft in your keeper league, be ready to jump early on Michael Turner (RB, SD). Depending on how many players you are allowed to keep will dictate when you have to pull the trigger to select Turner.
The risk of drafting Turner is less than going after a rookie player, because we’ve seen a solid sample size of positive production against NFL competition. It is not a guarantee that he will be a superstar, but he certainly will have fewer questions than someone that has only played against college competition.

It is understood that Turner is a speculative pick, but that does not mean that you will have to bench him this year. If only LaDainian Tomlinson had been on the cover of this year’s Madden video game, you could have counted on Turner playing a lot this year, but regardless, any player can go down at any time and if LT went down, Turner could easily be a top-seven back on the Chargers.

Once the season is over, Turner becomes an unrestricted free agent and the Chargers will not likely be able to sink huge money into a #2 RB unless LT had a serious injury. Either way, Turner should be a full-time RB and in your lineup in 2008.

Now, you must make a decision as to when to draft Michael Turner. First of all, the proven producers near their prime should all be drafted already, since you have to be concerned with winning this year before dealing with next year. Secondly, you must be aware of the owner that already has LT, since protecting the investment for this year and having another great starter for 2008 will be at the top of his or her agenda. Thirdly, you will want to stack Turner up with the rookie class and insert him ahead of any rookie that you don’t see as being a difference-maker. Finally, how badly would you like to upgrade your team’s future at RB? Once you’ve addressed each of these situations, you will be able to target a specific round to choose him.

If you are fortunate enough to secure the rights to Turner, you will find that you have a great bargaining tool as well. Many owners will be interested in acquiring him from you and the owner that has LT may be desperate if an injury occurs.
Give your team the upward ‘Turn’ it needs and get the plan to draft Michael Turner ready!

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