Sick of Vick

One of the best things about what I do for a living is that most of the time people have a vested interest in what I have to say. If you think I know what I’m talking about, and if you respect my opinion, you’ll pay attention and have interest because you could tangibly benefit from my knowledge or opinion. I could, for example, help you win $200,000, as I did for this past year’s WCOFF Champions, according to them.

I honestly don’t know how much longer I can do TV and Radio because I have a hard time picturing myself on the air talking about fantasy football at 40-something years old. I’m ok for now, since I’m 38 as I write this, but my time is running out on the air. For now, I still think it’s a viable endeavor because, again, I can help people with my advice. I’m not just some big fat talking head exposing my opinion on a topic that really doesn’t affect anyone in the grand scheme of things. With the proliferation of the Internet, blogs, etc., and of course all the cable TV and satellite radio channels these days it seems there are more people with opinions than people who are allegedly interested in hearing what those opinions are.   

Sure, I may have a passing interest in the opinions of others on certain topics, but if you watch or listen to sports TV and radio, there are way too many of them being thrown out there. I think I’ve reached the point of saturation with all this and now I really don’t give a rat’s ass about most of the opinions I hear on TV or radio, about any subject quite frankly.

That’s what makes this whole Michael Vick thing so maddening. I’m just returning from vacation and probably caught 10% of it the talk this past week, but that was still way too much. Everyone has an opinion on Vick and they’re talking, debating, arguing, etc. I say, who the F cares? Especially since we’re still not 100% sure what he did and how he’ll be punished. Let due process take its course and stop discussing this ridiculous topic.

Yeah, I’m against humans treating animals inhumanely. I’m also against Cancer, for the record. Vick has created enough awareness on the animal cruelty front for two lifetimes, so let’s drop it.  

For fantasy purposes, Vick is dead to me, end of story. I won’t draft any of the skank that they have at wide receiver, and it’s going to take a lot for me to take TE Alge Crumpler, although I think chuck-and-duck quarterback Joey Harrington could be a good thing for Crump Daddy. I’ll still consider the RBs if the value is very good.

Thank God the freakin’ pads go on in a few places late this week.

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  1. NYBrewCrew says:

    I haven’t been able to listen to my Sirius in 5 days because every call is centered around the vick. at least on the internet you can avoid reading the write ups on him and skip the discussion threads.

    My only problem with the situation, since we don’t know the end results yet, is that Vick himself has not came out publicly and offer an apology to his team, fans and anyone else for this and he has not declared that he will clear his name, if he is inoccent. Personally I’m with the majority that want him out of the league.

  2. Vice says:

    “Skank that they have at wide receiver”?

    Wow John, that’s a bit harsh don’t you think? Personally, I could see the value of Falcon receivers going up a bit. Harrington isn’t going to tuck and run for 1000 yards like Vick did, he’ll actually throw the ball a bit more. Horn, Jenkins, and White might all actually benefit from a pocket passer … even if it IS Harrington.

  3. NYBrewCrew says:

    Altough Vick ran alot. Harrington and Vick had about the same passing stats if you compare their passing numbers (excluding the 03 when vick was hurt)

    Harrington had 900 Completions for 9598yrds 55.2% 55TDs and 55INTs

    Vick had 830 completions for 10135yrds 54.8% 65TDs and 46INTs

    not much difference outside of the rushing yards he put up. Which hopefully will go to the Running backs.

  4. blogginator says:

    I still can’t believe they got rid of Schaub and kept Vick.
    I thought to myself that the Falcons would regret this but not for this reason however.
    Personally I just think Schaub is better. The fact that Vick has admitted that he doesn’t study game film means he’ll never be great as a QB passer. After that boneheaded move the Texans made by taking Mario willians over Bush, they may have redeemed themselves a little here by picking up Schaub. We’ll see – provided the line can keep him from getting killed.

    Also, it is kind of sad that our media strangleholds on things that shouldn’t really matter, when there are so many other issues that need attention for the future well-being of our country and kids. I hope there is such a thing as “innocent until proven guilty” in this country. The media destroys your reputation before the verdict is in. It is “maddening”.

    John, forgive me if I’m wrong, but I detect a bit of “I-can’t-believe-my-vacation-is-over” blues! Don’t you realize you have the best FF service on the internet?

  5. Night Train Lane says:

    Atlanta must have been blinded by that Superbowl run.
    130 Million contract for Vick ? Please, he couldn’t find a WR
    if all his teammates were WR’s. In my Dynasty league last year, I traded him for the # 6 pick (Vernon Davis), yea !

    Dog fighting is disgusting. Probably why it was banned in England 150 years ago. What the news doesn’t say, though, is the Federal law was enacted just this last May. Vick has run afoul of this new law. Bonus coverage, the feds usually get convictions in court. If he is convicted, the commish is probably going to drop the hammer on him. Joey Harrington seems to have nine lives, football wise.

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