Greetings from Cape Cod, MA (thank you wireless broadband)

I didn’t plan on checking in today, but my son has been begging me to get the word out on a contest he is a finalist it. It’s a Green Day site and the contest is best cover of their “Working Class Hero” John Lennon cover. His is pretty good. Not sure it’s the best, but it’s up there. He’s also 14 and many in the final 10 are 10+ years older. Judge for yourself and vote for Christian H if you like.

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  1. aliens says:

    Hey John I let my wife listen to the contest and she picked your son. No B.S. Tell him good luck.

  2. Vice says:

    He sounds good, real good. He got MY vote.

  3. John Hansen says:

    FYI, he “won” the contest. They picked the top-5 and he was in it, so he went as far as he can. He won the Lennon Tribute CD and some other stuff, and he’s learned the art of promotion (shamless plugs) by boasting about it on his myspace page.

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