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In case you were wondering, I covered the Panther RB situation today in the video update, Fantasy Guru Minute. This one was actually 3 minutes. I wish I had more time to prepare and be a little more articulate in these things, but like anything else, it just has to be good enough to pass my high expectations.

I also covered the Raider RB situation below, so I have the only 2 stories this week covered.

I wanted to pop in here today to remind those with Sirius that tonight is the first “Sirius Fantasy Football” show, from 8-11 PM ET. This is me and Adam Caplan’s fourth year hosting the show already, and this year should be the best. Last year was a little tough for me with newborn twins in the house, so I didn’t line up as many interesting guests as I’d like. We should have more than ever this year, so check it out. In fact, former 49er DB Merton Hanks just subscribed to the site and he’s agreed to come on the show this summer. Apparently, he’s a huge fantasy player now, which is good. He was a damn good player.

BTW, you don’t even have to have Sirius in your car these days to listen. You can sign up for an Internet Radio subscription and listen to the show online. You can even do a free 3-day trial to check it out.

I certainly encourage all subscribers to call into the show at 877-NFL-KICK. Make sure you tell the produder you’re a subscriber to this site; you’ll get preferential treatment since I’m actually the guy who puts callers on the air and can pop you to the top of the waiting list.   

Have a great weekend.  

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  1. NYBrewCrew says:

    I caught the segment on my sirius around 8:30. good stuff. Is there a way to get the podcast of them to hear the whole show?

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