Slow time for some, but not for me

This is a tough time of the year to be writing a blog. I’ve pretty much put forth an opinion on just about everything I can up until this point, and there’s nothing going on that can make me adjust those opinions. But while we’re just now embarking on the dead period of the year for NFL news and information, I’ve still been busy as hell. Obviously, I’m gearing up for the start of the season, so I thought today I’d give a quick look at what I’ve been up to.

For one, I’ve been working on revamping and tweaking our keeper league overviews. These literally take me a week total to do. They certainly parallel our 2007 player previews, but the focus and the groupings are obviously for keeper leagues. I’ve got the QBs done now, will be posting the RBs today, and hope to have the WRs and TEs done soon.

We are working on a fair amount of content for what we usually call our “Pre” Preseason Report. The meat and potatoes is our NFL team reports. Bill LeConey has been working hard on compiling all the news and notes going on with the 32 teams for posting tomorrow. We’ll also update the rankings, cheat sheets, have a new ADP analysis, and some other articles. The point of the content we post in very early July is to get you up-to-speed before the news and notes start flying in late July and August. For most of July, it’s really dead in the NFL, since teams are resting and vacationing before the start of training camp. I’m actually taking a substantial vacation myself in July, the first time in probably 12 years I have done so in July or August. I rented a house on Cape Cod and will be there with the entire family doing a whole lot of nothing. I will course have the laptop and wireless broadband internet, so I won’t be as out of the loop as I probably should be. I’m hoping to return from the vacation refreshed and ready for another season of craziness.

I’ve also been busy getting all our technical ducks in a row to make sure this year goes as smoothly as possible from that standpoint. Given how programmer Jeff Mitchell spent literally five months redoing our back end, I think, other than an occasional glitch, things will go very smoothly. We’ll be adding some subtle features and improvements this year, but nothing major, so there will be no major surprises or transitions this year now that the new back-end has been in place for almost two months.

We’ve also hired a new full-time staff member who will work daily out our company office. It’s very important for this person to be on site, with me in the office, so I can properly educate and train. It’s very difficult working with people who work from remote locations, which is the case with many people who work in this industry. Having another very capable body in the office is going to make things easier for me, so I expect the quality of our work to improve noticeably.  

I’m also working on or working with people on about 20 articles on a variety of topics we plan to roll out either in later July or by 8/1, when we officially kick off the preseason. Of course as you also know I’m also doing the Fantasy Guru Minute. The latest one took my like 40 minutes, since my 14 year old son, who does every single thing needed to produce these other than go on camera like I do, kept laughing and messing me up.

So while this may be a slow time of the year, I’ve actually been going nuts lately. In some ways, things calm down for me in August because I really can’t focus on anything else but the content we’re producing, so I’m not exactly dreading our biggest and busiest month of the season.

I’m going to be going a little crazy the next couple of weeks tending to all these issues outlined above and more and then head off to the cape for a week of relaxation. When I return, about 5-8 days before most teams will be reporting for training camp, I’ll be refreshed and ready to take on the 2007 season.

It’s going to be our best year in every way, shape, and form.

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  1. mvuinc says:

    Keep up the great work, sounds like you’re swamped! Looking forward to the Fantasy Guru Minute come the new football season. It’s so close, yet so far away.


    Michael Vu

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