Don’t let Losman get lost in the shuffle

I don’t have him ranked extremely high, but I think everyone needs to watch Bill QB J.P. Losman closely this season. While fantasy owners have waited for a guy like Eli Manning to progress, only to see him regress, Losman has improved right before our eyes. Losman may not have the Manning pedigree, but this guy has some serious skills and the tools to be a very, very good player.

Losman has a strong NFL arm, he’s mobile, and he’s generally accurate. The Bills really pulled him in last year, but when they let him play, he responded. After nine weeks, Losman was only 29th in the league in points per game. But he threw for 200 more yards and almost twice as many (12) TDs in the second half, resulting in his being the #15 in points per game in this span. And he was 10th in the last four games.

Unlike Manning, Losman can read the blitz, look down the gun barrel, and make plays. That’s a huge factor. A big key was how last year he looked less frenetic; the game appears to be slowing down for him.

So what we have in J.P. Losman this year is a young player entering his third full season as the starter, and his second in the offensive system. This is a system, keep in mind that is similar to Mike Martz’ since offensive coordinator Steve Fairchild is a Martz guy. We have a player who has shown clear progress and one who unquestionably has the skills to be not only an impact starter in the NFL, but a very good one.

There are of course some missing ingredients for Losman. The Bills will once again roll with a very weak receiving corps. #1 guy Lee Evans is very good, but this team is severely lacking a quality #2. Ideally, they find a guy who can be the #1, which would make Evans one of the best #1A or #2 WRs in the league. Buffalo should be generally conservative by nature still, so while the system should be fantasy-friendly, we’re not going to confuse this team with the 1999 Rams. On the positive side, the Bill line is looking like it could develop into a good one this year, which will go a long way in terms of Losman’s development, and rookie Marshawn Lynch should help this offense considerably.

So you do have to temper enthusiasm with Losman. But I will say this: if he continues to progress at the level he did last year, he will be considered one of the better young QB in the league by season’s end, and Bill fans will be very excited about their young signal caller. Fantasy owners, too, will have something to be excited about. You don’t want this guy as your starter, but he should go down as a very good backup in 2007.   

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  1. Flizzo says:

    Good argument for Losman. Hansen has a way of picking up on things that other FF experts miss…such as Losman’s ability to “look down the gun barrel”…McNabb’s “body language”…etc. Don’t tell too many people though…especially my league-mates. :)

    I wish Lee Evans was more consistent, and I have no idea what to make of Marshawn Lynch this year.

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