Off football for a day

I’ve been throwing some serious football stuff at you lately, so I’d like to get a few non football things off my chest today. Thanks for listening.

Did you see the cover of EW two weeks ago with Katherine Heigl? That is about as attractive as a human being can possibly be. I’ll have to e-mail my buddy and reader Paul Rudd, who starred in “Knocked Up” with her, and find out if she is as hot as her pictures show. If Rudd says she’s outrageous, then I’ll know it’s true, since he’s worked with some of the hottest chicks on the planet. That’s a usual topic of conversation when I talk to him – the hot women he works with – and I’ll never forget his answer last year when I jokingly asked him who the next hottie he was working opposite was: Jessica Alba. People say I’m lucky with what I do for a living? I’m a mop boy at an adult bookstore compared to Rudd.

I volunteered two hours of my life this past weekend to check out “Ghost Rider” starting Nicholas Cage and Eva Mendes. I was a huge Marvel guy growing up, and GR was one of my favorites. Unfortunately, that flick was a massive pile of horse manure. It was painfully bad. Medes is hot, but she’s a horrible actress. Don’t bother with this one.

I’ve been meaning to throw this one out there, but is anyone else as annoyed with this David Caruso guy on Miami CSI as I am? I don’t even watch the show, but once in while I turn it on to see his horribly melodramatic acting. He’s overacting cubed. I don’t know how anyone can take that guy seriously, it’s like he’s doing an SNL skit. If he ordered a pizza on that show he would literally deliver the lines as if he was issuing an incredibly serious ultimatum to a terrorist or something.  

If anyone cares, here’s an update on my weight loss. I started this quest on 1/2/07 at 241 pounds. I’m now 206. Six more pounds and I’m at my weight from when I was 20 years old. Two things have surprised me about the weight loss. One, young woman are actually paying attention to me again, which hasn’t been the case for like 7-8 years. Apparently, I was a fat unattractive bastard before, because all of a sudden, chicks are flirting with me again. Not that I’m going to do anything, but it is a good boost to the ego, so if you’re thinking about dropping a ton or two, keep that motivation in mind. Second, people I know are seemingly hesitant to even bring up the weight loss because they fear that I’m either dying from some disease or I’m having an affair. Apparently, if you’re in your late 30s and you lose a lot of weight, it’s a sign that you might be horsing around – or on your way out. God forbid someone takes some initiative, I guess.

I’m forgetting a couple of things I wanted to cover, but that’s no tragedy.

Back to football tomorrow.  

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  1. ditka85 says:

    I noticed your sveltness on the Fantasy Guru Minute. Keep it up John!

    I’m a big Marvel guy too. Outside of Spiderman & Xmen, all of the comic book movies have been big disappointments.

  2. NYBrewCrew says:

    Yeah that’s got to be the greatest thing in life when you can hang out with really hot women.

    Didn’t see ghost rider but my brother is dragging me to see Fantastic 4 which I’m not impressed with. The Dark Knight when it comes out will be great.

    I’ve seen CSI Miami alot and you tend to tune David out. Plus they have realy hot women on this show.

    Congrats on the diet. I too am struggling with wight loss, got up around 206 (When I used to be in the 180’s) Since I’ve been in my 30’s it’s been harder then usual. I’m down to 198 and have a ways to go. keep pushing forward and great Football stuff.

  3. ericcartman says:

    John, congrats on the weight loss. I shed 40+ a few years ago and feel great. It must be a late 30’s thing to do. My wife thinks that Mr. Wiggles seems to have put on a little weight : )

  4. Flizzo says:

    CSI Miami is supposedly the most watched show on the PLANET. How did this happen?

  5. John Hansen says:

    Thanks for the comments. Of course, no one should be surprised if I’m a fat bastard again in December. The videos won’t lie, so we’ll see!

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