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Each year at this time there are a good number of players that I start to “feel.” I’m not always right, but my instincts with these players are usually sound. So I always look forward to the start of training camp because I usually don’t start to feel certain players until then – and in some cases the players I was drawn to in the spring turn out to be almost afterthoughts.

One player I was “feeling” in the spring is WR Ronald Curry. I don’t think my Curry vibe will be fading away later this summer, however. It’s true his QB situation is iffy, but can it possibly be worse than last year’s? No, it can’t, so I’m optimistic on Curry.

You can review all the numbers on Curry from last year in our player previews on the site, but I wanted to present a few more thoughts on Mr Curry here today.

  • Coming off his Achilles injury, he basically didn’t have an off-season last year. He’s had one this year, and he’s as healthy as he’s been in quite some time.
  • Curry felt he was ready to start the season last year, but the team opted to play things very safe with him. Used mostly on 3rd down, he had only 14 catches through Week Eight last year. He was also placed on the PUP list during training camp, and he lost four weeks because of that.
  • He ended up with 62 catches, and 28 of those were on 3rd down. He converted 21 of those 28 catches into 1st downs. He showed he could be a young QBs’ best friend last year, and whoever starts for the Raiders this year will need some help.

Now Curry wants to show that he’s more than a 3rd down receiver, and he might have a point. This guy’s a great athlete and he proved himself to be an explosive receiver at times earlier in his career. If he stays healthy and wins the starting job, he could not only be a reliable safety valve for the team’s young QB, but he could also be an explosive big-play threat for the offense. That actually sounds better than Jerry Porter, who has the tools to be a go-to guy and a playmaker, but has never been able to show that he can be relied on consistently.

Based on Curry’s talent, production last year, and potential, he’s someone everyone should be “feeling” later in drafts this year. It almost doesn’t matter how well he does, targeting him later in drafts is simply the right thing to do based on what we know about him.

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  1. FanProphet says:

    Curry is an athlete no matter what. If he stays healthy and someone can get him the ball he may have a productive season. Is he worth a fantasy pick? Maybe late, late, late, in the draft.


  2. pferg says:

    Half of his production came in the last four games (33/339). Given the story John tells above re injuries and PUP and the horrid QB situation, he sounds like a great one to take a late round chance on.

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