What can Brown do for Benson?

It seems veteran RB Chris brown has narrowed the teams he will play for this year down to two: his old team, the Titans, and the Bears. It’s going to be pretty interesting to see where he lands up because the fantasy ramifications are pretty big. If he goes back to Tennessee he will presumably do so under better terms than which he played for last year, when he was basically cast aside due in part to his apparent interest in being traded. Not only that, but he would actually have a good chance to start, or at least open the season as the starter. If Brown is re-signed by the Titans, then you have a mess there at the position. If rookie Chris Henry has a good summer, I would then rank their backs this year for fantasy: 1. Brown 2. Henry 3. LenDale White.

If he went to Chicago, he would clearly play a fair amount, so he would lower Cedric Benson’s value. Head coach Lovie Smith over the last two years has repeatedly talked about his inclination to have two backs he can rely on and use, and how it’s of the utmost importance these days to not have just one quality back on the roster, but two. Brown would also be a nice insurance policy in case Benson fails to come through. The current backup, Adrian Peterson, simply isn’t good enough to start in the NFL, and it would be dangerous for the Bears to go into the 2007 season with only Peterson and diminutive rookie Garrett Wolfe in his backfield.

Brown’s a damn good back who can gain gobs of yardage quickly if he’s fed the ball. I’ve said about him for years that he can make rushing for 100+ yards look very easy. Obviously the injuries are the concern. I’ll never forget his body movement on one play a few years ago. He got popped, and I swear he fell to the ground similar to how Bugs Bunny slid off his chair in that classic episode on the plane with the gremlin. From that point on I assumed that he’ll never be able to handle 20+ carries over the course of a full season. But he can certainly put up big fantasy numbers while he’s starting.

BTW, if you haven’t noticed, we stuck the video reports right on the homepage last night. I hope it’s not too distracting and it adds value to the site. Actually, I can foresee us using video in a lot of good ways, like a quick wrap up and look at the WW on Sunday night, for example. I think this is going to be good.

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  1. bartguy says:

    I like the video on the front page. You should consider making a backdrop with multiple Guru logos kind of like all the NFL teams have for their press conferences.

  2. PackFan says:

    This might be a very important signing for the Bears, seeing as how they’ve put themselves in a position where their running game is going to rely heavily on the unproven Cedric Benson, who seems to be living on his Texas reputation at the moment. I don’t know about anyone else, but I was stunned when they seemingly weakened their running game by practically giving away Thomas Jones.

    Most quarterbacks can take the snap and hand off, so it’s probably the passing game that separates the good from the bad, and if Rex Grossman is going to continue to develop, he’s going to need to have defenses respect the Bear running attack, because I think right now he seems to be a guy who needs to have the run set up the pass.

    In their last game, (the Super Bowl) Benson had two carries – he fumbled and lost the ball on the first carry, and twisted his knee and didn’t return on the second … all before the first quarter ever ended. Maybe this is the season he breaks out and all things will be good, but if this current trend continues, then the backup running back(s) for the Bears are going to have to come through big time.

    With major coaching changes on the defensive side of the ball, Tommy Harris’s hamstring recovery, Tank’s suspension, the contract squabbles and so forth, this will be a very interesting team to watch early on, at least in my opinion.

    I know they wanted to get something for Thomas Jones, who would have been in the last year of his contract … but maybe the best thing they could have gotten from him would have been one more dynamite year before he entered free agency. If things stay the way they are, in our league at least, I’m betting I can pick up Adrian Peterson with my very last pick, which might turn out to be a pretty good value … unless Garrett Wolfe turns out to be a clone of that other Northern Illinois running back – Michael Turner.

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